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Guardian's Gift with Dr. Judy Butler
June 21, 2021
Have you ever talked about what will happen if something happened to us? Have you ever talked about end-of-life planning? Are you open to talking about end-of-life? Dr. Judy Butler discussed the importance of end-of-life planning. How she helps the family to be prepared for the inevitable loss of a loved one.
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Dr. Judy Butler is a certified Pastoral Psychotherapist in private practice, who consults with, counsels, and coaches Adult Children of Aging Parents, members of the “Sandwich Generation”, Caregivers, and Senior Adults interested in creating a Legacy Experience through 2nd half and end of life planning.

In this episode, she discussed:

Some people are not open to talking about these things, but as Dr. Judy discusses the importance and the ways to do end-of-life planning, you'll find this interesting. 

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