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The Trusted Executive Podcast - Habit 2 Choosing to Coach
April 9, 2021
In this episode, with Dr John Blakey, the Founder of The Trusted Executive Foundation, we're taking a deep dive with Leadership Habit number 2 – Choosing to Coach.
A warm welcome to the Trusted Executive Podcast! As David Wetton, Conscious Leadership consultant, it is my pleasure to speak with Dr John Blakey, the Founder of The Trusted Executive Foundation, where we will go on a deep dive with each of the Nine Habits of Trust which underpin the Trusted Executive model.

The Trusted Executive Foundation helps CEOs and leaders across all sectors, around the globe, create a new standard of leadership defined by trustworthiness.

John's work has been featured in Forbes, BBC News Huff Post and The Sunday Times.

He has written his inspirational and practical book for leaders:
'The Trusted Executive' based on his prize-winning doctoral research at Aston Business School, UK.

The idea of this podcast is to help you as listeners gain a practical understanding of the potential benefits of the Trusted Executive model to you, through taking a deep dive with practical applications for each of the nine leadership habits which underpin the model.

In this episode, we're taking a deep dive with Leadership Habit number 2 – Choosing to Coach. This habit sits under the pillar of Ability in The Trusted Executive Model.

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I'm grateful to Fiona Furman, who appears in this Podcast, as the Communications Manager with NAHL Group, a consumer legal business group, including National Accident Helpline.
As an organisation, NAHL use The Trusted Executive framework to empower the way they work and serve their customers.

The Trusted Executive Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in helping leaders build purpose-led, high-performance cultures that deliver the triple bottom-line of results, relationships, and reputation. You can find out more via

The resources which John mentions during the podcast to support the leadership habit, 'Choosing to Coach' are:

1) The book, 'Challenging Coaching: Going Beyond Traditional Coaching to Face the FACTS ' by John Blakey and Ian Day

2) The book, 'Co-Active Coaching: The proven framework for transformative conversations at work and in life' by Laura Whitworth  et al

3) The book: 'Coaching for Performance: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership' by Sir John Whitmore

4) The Academy of Executive Coaching as a training organisation for coaches

5) Trusted Executive blog, where you will find posts related to the habit of Choosing to Coach

If you’ve enjoyed this Podcast and my approach to The Trusted Executive, then please know that I Help Aspiring Conscious Leaders develop Purpose-Led, High Performing Leadership Teams through 1:1 Coaching & Tailored Leadership Programmes.
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The next habit will be habit number 3  ‘Choosing to be Consistent’, so until next time, may you be blessed through this sharing, and put into action any insights you have gained.