Unapologetically BOLD: I'm not sorry for....
Pressing send on the email that ended my employment with David McGlennen
February 15, 2021
Your mind is racing. Your palms are sweaty. You are about to do it.....press send to an email that will end your security and stability in being employed. Have you ever been there? Guest David has. In this session, he talks about why he is not sorry for pressing send and what has come from it. You don't want to miss this episode for sure to learn how to step out of your comfort zone and into your fullest potential.
Your mind is racing.

Your palms are sweaty. 

You are about to do it.....press send to an email that will end your security and stability in being employed. 

Have you ever been there? Guest David has. In this session, he talks about why he is not sorry for pressing send and what has come from it. You don't want to miss this episode for sure to learn how to step out of your comfort zone and into your fullest potential. 

About the Guest: David helps companies in various industries create a sustainable advantage. That advantage comes from growing the people within the organization. When their people are being fulfilled and connect with the "Why" of the company, they become the differentiator and elevate the company's results.

[00:00:02] spk_1: this is This show is brought to you by Safety FM. Welcome to unapologetically bold. I'm not sorry for If you are a person that is tired of apologizing for being you, you know the human part of you that sometimes feels like it has to be different at home versus work versus play. The human side that just wants to be hot, humble, open and transparent about your wants, desires and uniqueness. If you answered yes, this is for you. Join me, Emily Elrod as I dive into conversations with Amazing Guest. About what? That you're not sorry for and creative and loving ways. Let's get started. Welcome, everybody. We are live again for another episode of unapologetically bold I'm not sorry for it is such an amazing thing to have David with me, David, is some of that I have got to connect with. And he is such a fun, charismatic leader that I am so pumped for you all to get to here today, David, For people that don't know who you are, just tell a little bit about yourself.

[00:01:21] spk_0: Sure. Eso I am, uh, an executive coach who works with leaders in in business and I also work with cultures and and teams to to help organizations thrive and grow. And I'm I live in in the Pittsburgh region, and I have five kids. Just got my first one. My oldest married off this past weekend, so that was Yeah, that was a big thing and, ah, lot of fun. But I love what I dio on, and I know we'll get into the conversation here just a little bit, but But it's it's really interesting to be able to to love what you dio and and do what you love and eso anyway. But that's a little bit about who I

[00:02:08] spk_1: am. And that's the thing that I have such a passion for is being and surrounding myself with people that understand their passions because it's it literally is electrifying. So people like you have so much interview. I'm like, Well, let me tell you why, because I didn't I used Thio stay in a job that I loved, but it still it drained me. And whenever you get a walk out and you kind of know your strengths and you know who you are and you get to be unapologetically bold about things, it's like Oh,

[00:02:43] spk_0: yeah, yeah, it's energizing. It really is. And and sometimes I think it takes, um, going through, you know, some some struggle, some challenge to be able to get there And to be able Thio Thio learn how to do that to be unapologetically bold.

[00:02:57] spk_1: Oh, and all that to say I'm not perfect at it. I feel at it daily too. So I'm with you. I'm working on it. Yes, I'm with you, David. Let's just get into this conversation. What? What are you no longer apologizing for? And what are you not saying sorry

[00:03:14] spk_0: for? Nah. Yeah. So I'm not I'm not saying sorry for for leaving my my my job. And and And it was, Ah, job. That was part. It was actually part of a startup company. We grew incredibly fast. We We had a great organization. We had just brought in private equity. Um, but I sensed that there was some winds of change happening, and not only just in the organization, but in my own life. Aziz. Well, and so, um e think it was in 2015. I had a conversation with our CEO. Sat down to dinner. We had dinner together, and I just kind of shared with those winds of change I felt like were happening. And And, um so long story short, I crafted my own resignation letter, and I hovered over the send button for quite a while because way new is common, and we I just I knew that I needed to do this. But then when I hit send and it was out there, I was like,

[00:04:18] spk_1: Oh, did I

[00:04:20] spk_0: dio Yeah, but it was kind of like jumping off, you know, jumping off a cliff. But I knew that, you know, the the old adage, you know, jump and the net will appear. Well, you know, the cool thing was, is that that company became my first client and eso I was super grateful to be ableto have that, you know, great win right out of the gate. And so, um, it it just was the catalyst for me becoming really I guess who I am today and really helping me to grow into helping leaders helping teams and organizations like I do today.

[00:04:59] spk_1: And I think that's true in the aspect of that first sin. Okay, so here's a story that I don't know many people know for because I loved the people that I worked with and work for. I literally asked the CEO for permission for me to leave like that. E like, this is what I want to dio I think of you so highly. And Jack Myers, this is his his name and he's still the CEO. And I went to him and I was just like I was like, and not too much traffic incident. And here's the cool thing is because somebody recommend me do my journey like journal it. But I did it because my brain goes way too fast. Audio journal, journal phone. So I literally have ah thing Before I speak with him, I did audio and then after I spoke with him and as the thing is and this is really all this to say is how big we make things up in our head comparative to what they actually are. So speak on that. Did the world fall apart after you did that scary thing?

[00:06:13] spk_0: Yeah. No, it certainly didn't. You know, and and it zits interesting, too. Because, as I've reflected even over the past five years since I've had that that that event, Um, I've I've really had a lifelong journey of doing the scary things, and I just didn't really realize it. No, I mean, the the the, you know, the world didn't, and I made it. You know, it's it's been, um, a little over five years, and I'm still in business and I'm still going strong. And I'm growing every day, and it z it takes doing those hard things, and it takes the scary things. But pushing through a matter of fact, I just, uh, created a podcast episode of my own podcast talking about getting through the terror barrier and pushing outside of the comfort zone and and really, how to do that? But yeah. So I mean, I pushed send, um I I made it. And, um, you know, I it really started the process of my own learning in my own journey. Um, as I began my own company,

[00:07:20] spk_1: and I want all the listeners to like, let's take a pause, because I know some of your scary stuff is not like our normal, like pressing sand like you climb mountains. You like thrill seeking is like his middle name, so it will expound on that, too. And how it has helped you. Because I remember the first time we had, like, a true conversation or like something. It was about you doing something on a cliff and you were relating it back to fear. And I'm like you're on a cliff.

[00:07:52] spk_0: Yeah. Yeah. So it was the via Ferrara s o the V a Ferrari for people that don't know is, uh, it's actually comes from over in Europe and I think it was in the first World War. It was really how the troops got get supplies across the mountain and essentially, what they would do is they, would they? They had these iron handholds and footholds, and they would go across the mountain with with backpacks on. And there's another one of those in Colorado. There's also one in West Virginia, too. But but there's one in Colorado. So me and my buddies went and did the VF Arado. I think it's just outside of Telluride, Colorado, and it's a sheer cliff. Basically, you get out onto this. You are. You are harnessed in your harnessed in with, uh, double clips on on a cable. But you're on a nine iron hand. Hold this kind of like right here and a foothold, you know, Right? Right down on your feet. And you're You know, you're making your way across this, this sheer cliff And, you know, and it really was interesting because I hate heights. I do not like heights. Um, and you're you're probably, I don't know, 600 ft from the valley floor. I mean, you know, if if you're not clipped in and you fall your dad And so we started out on this journey and we started on this cliff and it, the path got kind of narrower and narrower, and then we clipped in, and then we started out on the first. The first wrong. We had a guy that was going, you know, right before us. And I was right behind the guide. My son at the time, I think he was probably about 22 23 years old. Something like that, um, was right behind me. So I knew I had to push out and get, you know, get out on that first wrong, because he was gonna let me check it out. So but anyway, But but But pressing into that fear it's It's

[00:09:50] spk_1: one of

[00:09:50] spk_0: the best lessons that I learned about myself is that I could do hard things, and I know people that are watching. They could do hard things as well. And so I always like to remind people that just because you feel that fear and because your Palm's air sweating and your heart's racing, that that fear is also the same same physiological feeling of excitement so we can weaken, do those hard things, we just have to reframe it. We have to say, Yeah, I feel this in my body But I could do this anyway. And so I'm gonna go out and do it anyway. And so it's just a matter of just jumping in and doing it. So, um, it was a great experience, great great bonding with my my son and my buddies andan the next day. Then we summited, uh, mount sniffles down in that same area, so it's kind of fun.

[00:10:41] spk_1: I think that's so cool. And I think the part two There's two things that come for me. That I hear out of this is fear, and what we talk about is typically people talk about three stages of here, there's actually six. It's of there's fight or flight we always hear about. There's fake that's starting to come up. But there is, um, freeze, which is what most people actually doing corporations because you can't fight or flight. Um, but then there's Karen Connect that people don't go into more because it's scary. They'll rather mask it then. But the thing is, is that How much did you connect over that experience? Like right now, like how much can you connect more? So I think that's one thing I want to talk about, the care and the connect in fear, but then also your severe of influence. Because for you to do scary things, you gotta have people that will around you.

[00:11:36] spk_0: Yeah, so man different. Yeah, that's that's really big. And I think that the things that I've done that I've have really pushed myself that's been the catalyst is having people around me to be able to push me farther than I could go on my own. There's a There's a great book by Dr Henry Cloud called The Power of the Other, and there's scientific evidence that having a buddy having a group of people that surround you will that they will push if they're also want the best for you and are high achievers and and and and are positive in their influence, they're gonna push you beyond where you can go yourself. And so to me, that was one of the things that helped me to be able to do that event that I just talked about. But then also some other things that I've done just just to be ableto to push myself and didn't know that I could do hard things, it took other people around me. And so I e think you're onto something there that you really if you want to do those hard things and you wanna be bold sometimes it does take surrounding yourself with people that will help you and support you.

[00:12:46] spk_1: And I think that's so important. And one thing that I told somebody the other day that doing hard things doesn't mean it doesn't suck.

[00:12:54] spk_0: Oh, that's right. Oh, yeah. Matter of fact, we had one of the guys that's on the that was on that trip. Um, he had this saying, and it's basically embrace the suck and and and, you know all the time and and not only that, The other phrase, he said, that it doesn't have to be fun to be fun. And it is true. It's like you're suffering, you're you're writing a mountain bike up this, you know, incredibly steep hill, and it's really sucking. But it's also fun to at the same time, it's weird how that went well, that works.

[00:13:26] spk_1: Yeah, people like who's listening in like these air twisted people. But you know what exactly is? The thing is, it's for me is pushing through and to see that you can do hard things. That's something I say all the time I could do. And I've done hard things and people are like, Well, that sounds basic. What's a flipping the script in your head like it's for me? It is to flip the script that I can to I can and I have. But the other thing that I think that's important on this, too, is just because I have doesn't mean I don't feel right right, And I think leaning into that for a moment because when I said the other day to somebody was, I am tired of growing like it's like growing pains is like, I can't take a Tylenol. I can't I've been so uncomfortable, and I know that I'm a believer. So I know that God has given me all this growth in this season, but it's like Dang it, I asked for it, but I kind of wanted to, like, just be comfortable again. How do you as a leader and you teach a lot of leadership training deal with that and understanding that that's a part of life. But it's also a part of the growing process. If you really want to go, there's pain.

[00:14:44] spk_0: Yeah, I mean, I think it's really just a matter of understanding that. But it's also a matter of understanding that there are seasons, two seasons to our life, seasons to our business, growth seasons, to our leadership growth. And each one of those seasons has a different purpose. You know, there are all there's also a part of our growth process where the pressure can come off and we can. We can rest and we can refresh and and and and we could relax. But we don't want to get too comfortable there, so it's because being in that that comfort zone. It's It's a bad place to be because we get complacent then and and so just recognizing that there's a seasonality and there's a rhythm to growth, Um, it's it's just a matter of Hey, look, we're gonna have a little bit discomfort here. But then I know that on the other side of this, I'm also gonna have a little bit of time where I can kind of, like, look around a little bit. And that's part of the growth journey to, um is being able thio understand? And kind of like, um, you know, Ferris Bueller said, You know, hey, life goes by pretty fast and you better look around every once in a while. Um, so yeah,

[00:15:52] spk_1: and how would you factor in your own well, being into this? Because I feel like I cannot take a much It's not punishment, but it's like that thing is, how can it be fun, but often kind of still Now, um, without my own well being coming to play? How did that affect you? Or what did you have in place so that you had additional confidence in your ability to press send?

[00:16:19] spk_0: Yeah, I really think that. First of all, I'm a person of faith as well. So I I really felt like God was really telling me that this is this was my next step and a same time to I had other people in my life who were speaking into me and I had mentors who I was, you know, listening to and working with, um I had a coach, and so So that's that's one thing. But I also think that, um just having the confidence, I guess, to be ableto look at my past and know that I've gone through some other hard things that that just seemed to be the thing that helped me to push send and I will tell you to. My wife is super supportive. She is, you know, amazing, amazingly supportive life. And she was She was 12 There's cheerleading me, she said. David, I know that this is what you're meant to be. And so, um, you know that that helped helped press send.

[00:17:19] spk_1: And I think that's true in listening to those people because sometimes I was listening to something the other day, and it's like sometimes people will speak life over your speaker mentor you, but you're so possibly offended by the change and the in the season that it could bring you that you don't listen or you don't here it out. And how many people that it took co vid to be able to press in because they finally are tired of taking or putting up with some of the junk that they put up with eso. I think that's one thing for people that are debating mhm about pressing sand. Because, let's be honest, mhm. I'm in the south. So many traditionally are known as still as the breadwinners. They have the and they want to provide and they want to protect. And you're foregoing all of that safety and security to say, Hey, we're gonna try something that's real scary. That's extremely scary. So what do you tell somebody who may feel like they're the breadwinner? It doesn't matter what their rate are, what their gender is, but that they feel like I can't do this. I am making the money. I'm the one that my my family has to survive off of this. What would you tell them about doing that?

[00:18:49] spk_0: Well, a couple of things come to my mind. First and foremost is I say you got a plan for it. I mean, you have to be ableto don't do anything so stupid that that you just go. Hey, I don't have any savings. I'm just gonna quit my job. That's, you know, that's the the epitome of being stupid. So don't do that. But I would also so plan for it. You know, prepare and and, you know, plan out How how long do you think you need? Do you need six months worth of living expenses? Do you need a year's worth of living expenses And then also flipped the script? You use that word and and and you also use the term. Hey, I'm gonna try this. I would I would flip the script on that Burbage. And And don't try it, do it. And so it's It's not. Hey, I'm gonna try this. I'm gonna do this. And if you're saying to yourself I can't do this, well, then you're not quite ready to push send, because you gotta believe that I'm going to do this and I can do this because whatever we tell ourselves is what's gonna happen. We're constantly feeding our subconscious. Mind those little signals. And if I say I can't do that the subconscious minds picking that up on going, okay, e can't do that. And so there's gonna be some kind of prevention that happens for you to do that. So So I would say, make sure that you're you're financially ready to do it. Make sure that you are planning out at least a step or two into the future so that you know at least what you're gonna begin to dio and then change the script on your internal dialogue and make sure that you're telling yourself the things that are positive and gonna move you forward.

[00:20:31] spk_1: I think the one thing that really helped me out a lot is the financial aspect of it is that as I tell people all the time, like if you want to step out and have these leap of faith, prevention really is a is a huge part of it because I started my business with no Dad, still have no debt, and we're cash positive and, like we're, we are able to take some of the covitz hits because of that and the amount of stress that I don't have to worry about. I don't I can still feed my people's family like Aiken still care for. That's huge so that that in itself I please, please, please, please. And I always say that financial well being is not just a wellness thing. It's a safety thing as well, because in the aspect of safety, you can see where the claims happened. When people work extra, an extra, an extra shift just to make all this money come Christmas time is the If you're a nerd, look at the claims on that starting September, um, in your past. But all that to say is those air some of the important things that people don't bring in. But I think the other thing is, is flipping the script like you said on the mindset I e. It's so true. One physiologically you will start like you said, you're you're gonna starts accreting things that will make you basically stop. And you're like, Okay, see, here's this. Here's the reason why I can't do it. Example today, my kid, I had a meeting in Chattanooga, and my parents or my mother watched mine child on my kids today and they do home school. So they did their thing. They did. They did. There s a and my mother made them right Handwrite A little story. My son's like I'm horrible at it. I can't do it on. I'm like he knows better than that. I'm like we talked about killing it. We talked, you know, we go through all those things. But the thing is, is that he still believed he couldn't do it. And and I told him that you can't when you don't think you can do it. You you want it Sounds like this crazy talk. But you're your thoughts, your feelings which lead your actions which led to your behaviors, your thoughts start it all. And so I love that you talked about that and I think it also accused Thio You guys are watching this live. If you're listening to this behind him, there is a sign that says Play like a champion today E I think that's so important to is every day go out and I always say Be a gladiator Um uh, Rhymes and and some of the work that she does. So just go be a gladiator so that you have the confidence to press send, and I think that's one thing I want to talk about. Next is confidence. Yeah, there's a lot of people that, like I like it took me and I still struggle with confidence of times, lacking confidence in the power of confidence but not confusing it with arrogance. E think is a huge thing. So talk about that for a minute.

[00:23:44] spk_0: Yeah, I think that. And actually, I think that by doing hard things, it builds your confidence because you you can look back and say, Look what I did and and that really helps. The other thing that I always bring up when I when I talk about confidence, is, um, you probably read the book presence by Amy Cuddy or you've heard her Ted talk, haven't you? Oh, it's awesome. But she talks about, you know, power poses and how our body, our body, is, um can trigger our mind. And so she talks about, you know, the superwoman pose, or the Superman pose, and and being able to to do those things that will trigger the internal feelings because our body has thio has to start. I mean, that's where that's where everything starts, you know, so so create the power pose. Whatever you have to dio. I know that like Tony Robbins will talk about, you know, jumping on a trampoline and getting your body moving a little bit. That begins that the endorphins, it begins the chemical reaction. But I think that there's a there's a lot to that that really people don't understand. And I just remind people that if you're going into a season where you're gonna push, send and you're going to do something really bold, you're gonna have to do that over and over and over again. And you're gonna have to really make your body do some things to be able to help you feel that confidence even when it's, you know, technically not there, you're gonna have to manufacture it.

[00:25:17] spk_1: I agree. And that's Mike had a comment that says, Be smart, but be confident in your real abilities in Riel Drive. And I think that's another key is that you have to know who you are. You have to know your strengths have to your weaknesses because for me I knew yes. What I found is a lot of really high performing Taipei. People have a lot of high high strength, but that also means that they have a lot of weaknesses on. And so that's a fear of influence is so important. Toe have. And so for May, my team is totally opposite of May, absolutely opposite of me. And here's the reason why Because I know what I'm good at. And they know what they're good at. And when we come together were amazing. Yes, absolutely. And people are like, Wow, you said that so confidently because I know it like I know it, I know it deep down, and I've seen actions and I've seen it happen time and time again. And here's the thing. Even when they don't believe in their confidence in their abilities, I know it s O and that's the thing again, going back from the beginning. To be able to press in, you have to know yourself. But I think also to your severe influence. Like you said earlier, the people you are a round Yeah, matter

[00:26:34] spk_0: matters a ton. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. Couldn't agree more. And I think that to you brought up a really good point, Emily. And that is surround yourself. with people whose who are strong, where you are not and and that is that's huge. And honestly, I've just been learning this really over the last couple of years because I'm building my team, and it's it really is super important. I know where I'm strong. I'm also learning where I'm not. My team is telling me that.

[00:27:10] spk_1: Okay? Yeah, That's a good thing, though, that they actually tell you anybody that's listening. And if you're a leader and your team is not telling you Yeah, here's your sign. Right. One you may not be asking to. You might not be looking. So those air Cem two keys on that. So And I were right around our in time for anybody that is listening that has apologized for doing something hard, like pressing sin on that email that could endure Or that did end your employment. What would you tell them?

[00:27:45] spk_0: Yeah, so recognize that fear is sometimes good. And sometimes it holds you back as well. And so take time to understand what you know what kind of fear you're having. And are you asking yourself some questions? Am I prepared? Am I ready? Am I? Do I do I know what my next step is? And so, um, I would just say, recognize that fear and then be able to step into it and do it anyway.

[00:28:14] spk_1: Ah, yes. And I think that's amazing. And people hear this and they're like, that sounds they might be like This is fluffy again. This is not so. Try it like like well, as he said, Do it actually do it on something that you know because here's the other thing. I know we're a little bit over, but it's okay. I can It's my podcast. Go. You get a dio

[00:28:35] spk_0: you could do what you want.

[00:28:36] spk_1: Um, but people you knew that you could do it winning press in like you knew it. And I think I think that's something that some people, if you know, in your heart of hearts yeah, it's not a try anymore. It's you're holding yourself back. Do it. And what blessings could you have missed if you do not press in?

[00:29:07] spk_0: Oh, well, let me you care if I share for just a second, because I I could just talk for just a minute because, um, one of the things that I would have missed. You know, my prior role I was I was traveling an awful lot and I could have missed. And I would have missed being able to be with my mom for the last 14 18 months of her life. She had she she got brain cancer and she had a tumor. And had it not been from for my business, I could not have been over staying with her and being with her when she had her surgery and being over there nearly every other weekend and being able thio, take my my coaching calls on Zoom from her dining room table. I would have missed that, and I would have missed that time with her. And so I'm so blessed to be able to do that. So sometimes you don't know what you know, what's on the other side. That's so good. And you just have to press into that and embrace the fear.

[00:30:12] spk_1: Mhm. That's so good. That's and it makes me think of one of where I say I am not the best. I struggle with confident there's things I could say, but one of my people, my coworkers, she told me the other day we're doing something. And she said, I keep thinking it was something that scared. She goes, What's on the other side of it? And whenever I do get that phone call, whenever they get to say how excited they are about whatever we were talking about. But the thing is, it goes back to the and it's cliche again. You're gonna miss every shot. You don't take eso with that missing. You also are missing out on blessings that could not only affect you but also could affect the next year, right? What if my father did not want to be able todo start his business? Would I be here today? Would I be doing the things I'm doing today? And it makes me also think about the seven generations, what you do today. How will it affect seven generations from now? And that's that's a strong one to think about it. It's not just next generation, it's seven generations, and that comes from Aaron, who was a podcast. Guests. And that's what that's how they think on their philosophy for business. And it's just it's mind boggling to May. So thank you O much David, you Thank you. Last thing. It was such a great conversation, and I know that I got a lot out of it. So I hope everybody else did as well.

[00:31:43] spk_0: I hope so as well. Thank you so much, Emily, for having me on. It's always great to talk with you and just have a conversation way. Just connect. And I'm really, uh, really grateful for our connection. Gotta gotta give a quick shout out to Kevin Monroe because he was the one that connected us. And, uh, love Kevin and, uh, just, uh, love being able Thio be connected with you as well. Emily

[00:32:07] spk_1: love it. And for people that do not know where they can find you at Let's do that. Requip. Where can people find

[00:32:13] spk_0: eso? Easiest place for me is on LinkedIn. That's usually where I hang out. LinkedIn David McLennan. Um you can also look at my website david mclennan dot com and, you know, check out what I'm doing there.

[00:32:25] spk_1: Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of unapologetically bold. I'm not sorry for this to shoot anyway, please, like and subscribe alright and share with your friends as we continue the message of being unapologetically bold, Bobby and hot humans who are humble, open and transparent. See you next time