Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
The First Anniversary Show with HiThereCatsuit, hosted by Jane Boon
September 28, 2021
The tables are turned on @hitherecatsuit when @JaneEBoon interviews the host about how the podcast started, what the podcast has meant as well as some special guest cameos. It's our first anniversary show and we examine how we became our own authentic selves! ⁠
Jon a/k/a HiThereCatsuit has been hosting the show since October of 2021. An avid writer and contributor on FetLife, Jon wrote a column about men and their unsolicited dick pics. The response led him to brainstorm with NookieNotes of Dating Kinky to create the podcast.

As Jon, the host has an award winning background in broadcasting going back more than 35 years and has appeared as a talent on national networks as well as regional and local stations. He has 7 Emmy Awards for his work behind the scenes, and also designs all the graphic elements for the show’s social media. In addition, he has been a public speaker and has even presented a TEDx talk about how people treat each other.

In the scene, HiThereCatsuit is a bottom leaning Switch who is known for his trademark spandex suits which led to his name, as so many people just said “HiThereCatsuit” when he would walk into a party. He is active in the Cincinnati area and is hoping to take the show on the road to kink conventions with live presentations. 

He is available on most social media @HiThereCatsuit.