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BNS (Blockchain Naming System) Working Group Call with Stacks Community Leaders
December 4, 2021
Werner, A member of the Stacks Advocates DAO brought together a group of leaders from around the ecosystem to discuss how to build and expand the functionality of the BNS. Community leaders in this video: Chiangogo.btc // James co-founder of Stackswap hz // OG Stacks hacker and Stacks Advocate Larry Salibra // CEO New Internet Labs and heading the BNS Working Group Marvin Janssen // Stacks Foundation Tech Lead and co-founder of Ryder pipje // Philip de Smedt CEO Arkadiko Risidio1 // Peter Ponton CEO Risidio Sungmin Aum // CEO Stackswap werner.btc // Stacks Advocate and stx.fan Friedger // Friedger Pool