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241. Marketing and Branding GURU for Athletes | Allyson Davis
June 16, 2022
Loved speaking with marketing & branding guru Allyson Davis, through her background in television and production she knew she was meant to create a documentary, which lead her to the partnering with Jill Yesko to create the Female Cyclist Documentary UPHILL CLIMB. Follow them this summer as they interview some of the amazing ladies racing the Tour Des Feminine.

Allyson Davis is an award-winning veteran of television, sports production, global marketing and brand partnerships, athlete marketing and brand development.  
In addition to years spent in leadership roles at companies like Fox Sports, E! Entertainment Networks, NBC Universal Sports and Red Bull, she has started or co-founded three of her own companies including an active lifestyle magazine, a major TV and movie promotions firm, and a consulting business.  
Presently she is executive producing a documentary called “Uphill Climb,” the story about the women who conquered the Tour de France, and will be on location this summer for the Women’s Tour.  She is also a serious lifelong cyclist, and has won the California Team Time Trial age group Championship.  Born in New York City and raised just outside San Francisco, she now lives in Los Angeles and finally lets herself acknowledge what an amazing place it is.  

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