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Building an MLOps Culture in Your Team with Adam Sroka
August 31, 2022
In this episode of MLOps Live, Sabine and Stephen are joined by Adam Sroka, Head of Machine Learning Engineering at Origami. They explore principles and frameworks for creating a team culture in MLOps that prioritizes the most important things and sets the team up for success. Collaboration between teams is necessary to move through the ML life cycle as rapidly and effectively as possible. Adam gives us an idea of what the MLOps culture is at Origami, how he built it, the challenges he encountered, and actions teams can begin taking to build a good MLOps culture. He identifies areas that businesses may capitalize on, including infrastructure, team structure, tools, project ownership, and KPIs for efficient workflow. Adam has provided clear insights into the methods and tools he has used to build great teams with good quality MLOps culture built over his career. Adam is excited to share his technical and non-technical expertise, and shed some light on what works, especially now that best practices and playbooks for how to build a good MLOps culture and maximize the value from your projects and teams are not yet readily available.
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