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Ruby Enraylls - Back to Life, Back to the Fantasy
June 28, 2022
The incredible story of an amazing Mistress Ruby Enraylls joins @hitherecatsuit to share her story of entrancement, domination and a remarkable comeback.
There’s a lot more to me than just being a Seattle Mistress; I have hobbies just like everyone else, I am multidimensional.  
Why have I chosen to be a dominatrix? I thrive when I’m connecting with people and the best way I’ve found to do that, that fits for me personally, is through BDSM. It checks a lot of boxes for me. The trust that comes along with power exchange is very special, as is the unique bond between a sadist and masochist. The world of BDSM, Dominants and submissives, Mistresses and a slaves is often hidden in the shadows- You might be surprised by who you know is kinky. It’s my job to keep that secret and provide that safe space for my lucky playmates to not feel judged and feel safe, all while pushing the limits of what their bodies and minds can, will and want to handle.  
Below is a video interview where I ask a bunch of strangers about their kinks. I hope that gives you an idea about me and how I interface with others.
You might recognize me from YouTube or a slew of BDSM websites- I have been in the Seattle BDSM scene as a Professional Dominatrix for nearly a decade. However, my story with kink starts earlier than that. You could say that I’m prolific or iconic, that is because I have spent years polishing and refining myself and my craft, a project which is never done. I take great pride in my presentation and my work and it my pleasure to share my knowledge, skill and twisted mind with you. I know you have many questions for me, let’s start with the basics. (If you aren’t familiar with my work, check out my videos on YouTube to get a feel for me. )
### Dominatrix Ruby’s Biography

I’ve been drawn to kink for as long as I can remember in one way or another. I was very drawn to knots and rope work and started playing with tying up my Barbies in elaborate ways after setting up whole scenes and roleplays around them. These roleplays had some interesting themes, I even remember shoving my very first Ken into a pink frilly ball gown and begging my mom to sew him into it when his massive waist split the seams of the satin fabric. I suppose I always had a non standard outlook, maybe I came out of the box weird? Either way I’ve enjoyed the ride.

I had a friend who I played with forced feminization tell me “You would be a great dominatrix” as he handed me and copy of The Stranger with Control Tower. This was how he introduced me to Mistress Matisse’s writings and this was the second time I had come across the word “dominatrix”. I had heard the word “dominatrix” before, as my mother had referred to an outfit she made. Then later on jokingly, she told me I would rather be that than a nun because I wanted to punish people with rulers and I told her I wanted to be a teacher. Naturally, she told me that being a teacher in the early 2000’s did not allow for corporal punishment (certainly not at my very liberal arts school) so she told me I should consider being a nun. Quickly, with a laugh she said I definitely wasn’t cut out for that then said I should be a dominatrix instead. I think she was joking but then she gave me a couple of whips so who knows how serious she was.

Another one of my early influences as a budding Dominatrix was Xenia Onatopp. I don’t know how anyone watching Golden Eye couldn’t watch her powerful legs holding men captive and hear her seductive Russian accent and not be swayed be her murderous charms.

From a young age my mother was very supportive of my alternative choices and if I didn’t know any better I would have assumed she was nudging me towards the femdom lifestyle; She would encourage me to take on a state of mind where women ruled things and encouraged matriarchy, (maybe not for the best) talked down to men cut her off in traffic by insulting their genitals, gave me whips and taught me how to use them, to name a few. If that’s not a good jumping off point, I don’t know what is. However, if you ask my mother about BDSM she vehemently denies any interest.

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### How I became a Professional Dominatrix

I got into kink officially through members of the BDSM scene over 10 years ago although my duration as a professional dominatrix has been a bit shorter. I began spreading my wings and exploring through classes, workshops and parties and shortly after started playing with my first real “sub” of my own. I’ve had several I could call my own over the years and through their dedication and loyalty I’ve had the opportunity to grow, learn and hone my skills. I didn’t get start as a real time professional dominatrix until shortly there after where in I began exploring kink and myself even more and the fun really began for me. I explored many venues, some good and some not so much my taste. Due to my curiosity I carry a long list of qualifications.

I started off in Phoenix, AZ but didn’t really get involved in the BDSM scene until I came back to my hometown of Seattle, WA. I joined the local community and made a lot of fabulous connections with wonderful kinky people through local event spaces and Fetlife. I found people who mentored me, taught me and allowed me experiment before I had the courage to explore being a professional dominatrix. I discovered a passion for rope (Seattle is famous for its shibari scene, as is Vancouver, BC.) Then shortly there after discovered my love for sadism, reaction and connection. I think play is all about connection as its core and kink itself is a spectrum. When describing it to people who don’t understand I often use the ice cream analogy; Kink is like stepping outside the realm of just enjoying vanilla with adding different things. You can have vanilla praline, vanilla with fudge, etc. Once you open your mind to kink you can try any flavor you can dream up. The limits are your imagination and what you are willing to do with yourself and others. D/s is much the same as I think that all interactions have some type of power structure, even if it’s just neutral. D/s is just awareness of that and playing with it.

I’ve heard the sentiment echoed over the years that an insecure person will try to prove themselves the most, or speak the loudest. I’m often very soft spoken and mild mannered although my words can be quite harsh if you’re paying attention. I bend the world around me to will, I do it effortlessly. Ever heard the quote “speak softly and carry and big stick”?