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Deploying Conversational AI Products to Production with Jason Flaks
March 1, 2023
In this episode of MLOps Live, Sabine and Stephen speak with Jason Flaks, Co-founder and CTO at Xembly. Jason gives insight into deploying conversational AI products in production environments. He shares his background in music composition, Math, and Science before transitioning into software engineering. They discuss the two-stage pipeline of speech recognition systems, with Jason explaining conversational AI as building technology and products that are capable of interacting with humans in an unbounded conversational domain space. They go on to examine the complexities involved in deploying conversational AI products, such as describing the space in a way that machines can easily identify it and implementing such items with any necessary nuances or requirements. Jason elaborates on their stack of models for enabling speech-to-text conversion and for identifying distinct speakers in a given conversation.
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