25//Series 1 - The Work Ethic Of Love - With Guest Anthony Breslin
January 29, 2022
Todays episode is a very special one. My guest artist Anthony Breslin, shares the incredible story of his amazing, varied and colourful life. From his journey as a world renowned artist, to the discovery that he had blood cancer back in 2014 and the insights that have opened up for him as a part of that journey. You will laugh, hold your breath and I hope be profoundly impacted by the raw truth and wisdom Anthony shares with us. His take on life, love, who we really are and what's impossible I hope inspires you to see beyond the limitations we all place upon ourselves and in particular LOVE.
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Anthony Breslin is an artist, actor, producer, dancer, author, creator and someone who lives to  experience everything life has to offer.  And incredible experiences he has had in his amazing and varied life. 

As a very talented artist and visionary, Anthony has held over 50 solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally, as well as performed in and produced live theatre and music videos. As well body building championships, in a career that has spanned more than 28 years.

Until his illness struck in 2016 Anthony had been running his beloved Breslin Gallery in Carnegie Melbourne.

You can find more out about Anthony from his website here:
Anthony Breslin Website:

Instagram: @brezania

"Frogify," is the name of the mural Anthony talks about and is located in Murumbeena Village Melbourne

His latest book: "The Spirit Endures, Once The Body Cannot" is due for release later this year 2022