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#72: 7FM Time Machine #4: Get The Best Wisdom From 5+ Hours Of Interviews In 30 Minutes or Less... w/ B. Jeffrey Madoff, David Kelly, Justin Chen, Blair Dunkley, & Joanna Penn
March 8, 2022
Want the best wisdom from 5+ hours of interviews in 30 minutes? That’s exactly what we’re doing in today’s episode! We pulled 5 clips from past episodes that highlight incredible wisdom… and created an entire episode out of it! You’ll get wisdom from: - A film & video producer who has directed many award-winning commercials you’ve probably seen for companies like Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany - A marketing wizard who grew an AppSumo Original, SendFox, from $0 to $100,000 in monthly revenue with a zero-dollar marketing or ad budget - A colorblind engineer turned 15-year serial entrepreneur who co-founded PickFu, a service developed to gauge consumer feedback - A profiler who developed Mind Models™ to help you re-wire your mind for success - A NYT Bestselling Author who has written 30+ books and hosts her own show, The Creative Penn Podcast AND… All of this is done in 24 minutes & 7 seconds! Enjoy! - Guests highlighted in this episode include: #45: Having 110 Employees And Two Factories At Age 22, Directing Viral Videos For Victoria’s Secret, & People Management Skills Learned From A Monkey w/ B. Jeffrey Madoff #12: Going From $0 To $100,000/mo In Revenue With ZERO Marketing Budget w/ David Kelly #18: How A Colorblind Engineer Turned 15-Year Serial Entrepreneur Is Unleashing The Power Of Instant Market Feedback On YOUR Business Decisions w/ Justin Chen #25: Adding $757 MILLION To His Clients' Bottom Line By Using Mind Models™ + How YOU Can Re-Wire Your Mind For Wealth w/ Blair Dunkley #31: Selling 600,000+ Books, How A.I. & Blockchain Are Shaping The Future For Content Creators, And How To Reinvent Yourself w/ NYT Bestselling Author Joanna Penn