Dating Kinky
Another look at "Women have all the sexual power..."
August 30, 2021
He stood me up. He denied me sex. He had the sexual power. It is that simple.
I recently posted to my FetLife feed with the same question asked to three groups of people: 

> "What’s the most frustrating part of kink and the kink community for you?"

I asked specifically for answers from feminine-identified, masculine identified, and non-binary-identified folk. I put in place a "rule"  that anyone who was not inthat group could respond with questions only, to learn and grow from other's thoughts and experiences. 

And when I posted the one for feminine-identified folk last, the early responses immediately touched on the old trope that women hold all the sexual power. 

And I'd been meaning to write this piece, so it inspired me to get off my tuchis and do it. 

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