Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#9: This 4-Step Scientifically Validated Process Will Help You ELIMINATE Your Limits w/ Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell
December 22, 2020
Today we have TWO podcast guests: Brian Grasso and Carrie Campbell. Brian has coached more than 20,000 athletes — including Olympic medalists — and founded one of the largest fitness and sports education organizations in the world. His wife, Carrie, was a clinical counselor for almost two decades... and today she’s an international model training for the LA World Beauty Fitness & Fashion competition. She can squat about 300 lbs. and boasts a bench press in the neighborhood of 185 lbs… at a bodyweight of 127 lbs! Together, Brian and Carrie are a POWER couple. In this episode, you’ll learn: - How they went from being depressed and almost bankrupt to building an incredibly successful business and being recognized as some of the leading mindset coaches in the world - Their 4 step process that YOU can use to destroy the unconscious narratives that are holding you back - How to accomplish your goals by modeling the way a hawk hunts ... and so much more. Please enjoy this incredible conversation with my friends, Brian and Carrie.