Rebranding Safety
Reflecting on my chat with David Provan
March 1, 2021
My thoughts and favourite bits from my chat with David Provan.
Here are the show notes from the full interview with David. 

 Today's guest is has a huge background in Senior safety roles. And after 18 years in those roles, he completed a Safety sciences PHD at the legendary Griffith University and is now the Managing Director for Forge Works and an Adjunct Research Fellow of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University where he is in supervising and conducting industry-based Safety Science Research. He Partners with Australian business delivering Safety differently. In addition to all this, he partnered with the famous Drew Rea to co-host the great podcast Safety of Work. 
Today's guest is David Provan; 

Unfortunately the research document we talk about in this episode Benefactor or burden: Exploring the professional identity of safety professionals is behind a pay wall.

Here is the episode of safety of work where David and Drew talk about the research; 

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