Road to 100 episodes-Pedro Maciel
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Road to 100 episodes-Pedro Maciel
December 31, 2020
In this week's episode, Sheldon and Pedro catch up after his heart attack this summer. They talk about his new lifestyle and mindset. Also, he gives Sheldon advice for life beyond 100th episodes.
[00:00:02] spk_0: this episode is powered by Safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant Podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon Prime. Miss, This is the podcast. Where Welcome to the safety consultant Podcast on your ho Sheldon. Primary thing is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. On this week, we're gonna continue the road, Thio. Ah, 100th episode, and we're gonna interview Pedro Massey. L was one of the people on a shortlist tohave where I can talk to them. And not only did Pedro agree, but he was gracious enough to get me while he was still on the road, uh, doing some work in the field. So it was great talking and catching up with him. Pedro over the summer had a life altering of event where he did have a heart attack, survived from it, And this is our first conversation that we had post event. So I really wanted to figure out what life was like for him now how things were going. How is he feeling about his family? And, you know, we even talked about nutrition and diet and some of the lifestyle changes that he made and even mindset changes that he made after this event, so it was very good for me. Thio get understanding of even a bad thing can be turned around for good. Pedro and I talked a little bit about what he's work was a faras going out there and working in construction. And for me, I like 1926 the OSHA standard for construction. It's kind of a cool one. Just let the nuances in there. That's kind of fun. Eso It's good general industry is 29 cf for 1910. I've done that a lot, too. So but 1926 construction work is kind of cool, but it also has a lot of nuances. So we talked about those nuances during the co vid 19 and seeing what he has to do and change things a little bit, he talked a little bit about him, giving me advice as to what to do for the 100th episode and beyond. And then we even talked about live streaming. And that's one of the things that I'm gonna be doing a lot more if you didn't know. I live stream Tuesday and Thursday every week, 11 Eastern standard time, and it's on Linked in and Facebook and Twitter No twitch and YouTube, all these different places and what it is an ocean clients help show on. That's what I do live stream. And I am going to do a lot more livestream events 2021. So we're really trying toe. Just talk about the stuff we like about doing that. So that was Ah, Pedro. Nice conversation. We went back and forth about a bunch of other stuff, too, and thoughts that we had. So I hope you guys enjoy it. And I had a blast. E had to subscribe to the podcast. If you haven't, so you could hear the next road to 100 episode that's gonna come out tomorrow on get a notification when it does show up. And there will again just be music that's gonna come on at the end of this episode. So I'm gonna say my goodbyes to you Now get so tell me how how everything's do it to you in a while. So ever since your your event, your life changing event?

[00:03:42] spk_1: Yeah, yeah, definitely It, uh, it Zbynek a pretty steady ride. It's been kinda up and down, um, with the fact of having a heart attack and suffering there. And, uh, you know, just trying to get back, back healthy, back on my feet, you know, starting. And that's why I haven't been out and about the way I normally am on social media and putting out content the way I have because I figured I gotta work on myself before I can give anybody else a piece of me. So, yeah, I've been

[00:04:18] spk_0: doing a lot of live streaming, though

[00:04:20] spk_1: I have. I have been doing some live streaming. I've been trying Thio, stick consistently with the schedule of my fireside chats on Tuesdays and then having some guests, you know, at the back end of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday. And so it's definitely been challenging, especially with the project constraints and trying to get stuff done there. But other than that, it's been going pretty good. You know, I like I like the livestream. I like actually doing this and and, you know, like looking at your live streams, you know, watching those things, those things, they're awesome. Lots of information there.

[00:04:59] spk_0: Thanks, man. I've been trying to really pick my brain is saying alright What haven't I done in a while? So I was like, Well, let's just do OSHA compliance. Just just focus on helping people stay compliant. E. And I figured, might as well do that. And it be a fun way to help people win bets, but to see if the one really has a question and I could answer it. So excuse me, Keep my ocean jobs going.

[00:05:24] spk_1: No, that's That's always good. And again, with these trying times in the new way of doing business, it definitely is hard to stay compliant from a C. D. C and Co. Vid 19 standpoint. I hate saying that damn word, but, uh, it z what we have to deal with and especially like on a construction site. There's so many protocols and practices that we had to put in place for social distancing for the exemptions. When you can't social distance, you know what engineering controls can you put in place? What administrative controls could you put in place and, you know, doing all those types of things and making sure and just out there making sure that the subs air following them,

[00:06:06] spk_0: you know,

[00:06:07] spk_1: with the fact that you know you have five or six different subs at one time in one area, and you're trying to separate them, you know, 6 ft apart. It's It's hard.

[00:06:17] spk_0: Yeah, there any other ways to doing it, even with PPE or you separating them with having them? Are you guys just wearing face coverings? Are you going all the way to in 95 grow a greater?

[00:06:31] spk_1: Uh, we're doing face coverings in 95. Um, especially when you're, you know, longer than, um a now our period, which is named here all day. Um, you know, some of the outskirts, you know, out like the roofing and some of the earth work where you're inside an actual machine, an excavator. And you're by yourself, you know, that's where sometimes they get relaxed, but then they forget Thio, come out and automatically put their face mask on. And, um, you know that that's where the challenges come from is making sure they're following the procedure. But then also, you know them understanding why the procedure and the practice is put in place.

[00:07:16] spk_0: Yes, in the trillion period.

[00:07:19] spk_1: It's It's definitely, uh, work in progress. And and again, it's, you know, we've been ongoing since we got back in May. And it's just been, you know, go, go, go. And making sure everybody's doing what they're supposed to be doing. You know, we haven't had any positive Kobe cases. Nothing. You know, two major. Um, you know, we did have a small little scare, but it was just the flu that they ended up getting. It wasn't Kobe. So, you

[00:07:46] spk_0: know, you're looking them funny. Like you. Yep.

[00:07:50] spk_1: Exactly. Yeah, that's exactly what it is. You know, I you know, there was, ah, gave the orientation. There was a guy that came in brand new. And he was, you know, on I was like, Are you OK? You got the cove, it You might have to get out of my office. You know, that

[00:08:04] spk_0: type of

[00:08:05] spk_1: stuff. And then and then the You know that right there in itself, if I have more than more than two people, uh, inside the trailer, um, I have toe go to, ah, separate facility on on site to give orientation. Um, you know, all the all those germs crammed up inside the office, and then if I do do it inside the trailer, it's you know as soon as they walk out, I'm Dallas and everything and sanitizer and spraying lights on cleaning. And, you know, I've gotten really good at sanitizing equipment and pins and tabletops and chairs. And so, yeah, it's very, very challenging but rewarding at the same time because I know it's for the greater good.

[00:08:46] spk_0: Yeah. Yeah. Are you guys seeing a lot of scope creep for guys who may not be used to, uh, cleaning and all that stuff, and all of a sudden, now they have to deal with as calm stuff that they've never had to deal with before. And they're coming to you, like, dude E? Yeah.

[00:09:05] spk_1: No, it's definitely, uh you know that task crypto where, um, you know, you say you change operators inside the equipment. You have to actually, you know, get out and sanitize your equipment before the next operator gets in there and some, you know, some individuals aren't aren't used to doing that And the standardization of the tools you know, the common tools that are inside their trailers, their communal tools that everybody uses. But after I used it, I have to get all I saw. Wipe And you know, Sanitize it before I put it back on the show for before the next I hand it to the next man. So it's definitely, you know, we got some some small little hand sanitizer bottles, refillable hand sanitizer bottles and, you know, handed those out to make sure everybody had a hand sanitizer and keep them filled. So it's just, uh definitely it's definitely interesting dynamic on a construction site. When when you involved that new, that new practice or protocol?

[00:10:03] spk_0: Yeah. You mentioned roofing. Are you guys doing? You're doing residential or commercial like a commercial industrial. Okay, so you're building, like, new buildings for manufacturing plant or something like that. Processes?

[00:10:21] spk_1: Yeah, uh, actual testing facility for, Ah, big tire company. Um, so, yeah, you know, from the ground up new construction?

[00:10:32] spk_0: Well, 1926. Yes, alot over 26 on that.

[00:10:37] spk_1: I love it. I love it. I did general industry when I worked in the steel fabrication side, you know, at at an actual facility. Um, you know, in 1910, it was great. You know, some of the some of the things happening inside the facility was definitely, you know, they were thinking Oh, we're going off the 26 standards. And I was like, No, we're going off the 10. So gotta dial, dial it back. You guys are wide open, but yeah, You know, there's something that resonate with more. Is the new construction seeing it from dirt, Nothing to finish product.

[00:11:15] spk_0: So not bad. Not bad. Hey, you quit sticks. So you you were you able t o keep your forget where you're not smoking anymore.

[00:11:24] spk_1: I am not smoking anymore. Believe it or not, I The last cigarette I had was when I drove myself to the hospital. Um, yeah, it's crazy, You know, that that happened. I sat down in my chair at the office and then just I knew something wasn't right. Eso I told my superintendent I was like, Hey, I'm and drive myself to the to the ER. Um you know, he's like, Are you sure? You know, we got somebody taking I was like, No, I'm good. I can drive, You know, it hurts, but you know, not that bad. Um and you know, I drove myself to the hospital, lit up my last cigarette on that day. I have not had a cigarette since.

[00:12:08] spk_0: Well, congrats, man. That's a That's a big thing, man.

[00:12:11] spk_1: E. I mean, it is And you know, the believe it or not being that, you know, this happened back in June, and, you know, here we are, you know, the end of the year and coming in tow 2021. I feel better. My lungs feel better. I definitely can sense that my lungs were getting stronger, my heart's getting stronger. And then, you know me. That was one of my biggest fears especially, you know, after the heart attack is working out. Um, you know, I gained gained some weight. You know, I was I was doing a lot of eating and not taking the best care of myself, And I was a little scared. Um, but once I got past that got in the gym and started this this, uh, new diet and and plan workout plan, it's all up from there. It's It's it's going really

[00:13:02] spk_0: well known work. Laci's

[00:13:06] spk_1: no more ca Laci's. It's all It's all you know, whole green vegetables, lots of oatmeal. Lots of egg whites. Uh, gallon of water a day. Um, so yeah, it's zits. Pretty intense working out fire five times a day. Uh, not five times a day, five times a week. Um, you know, two days off, and then, you know, the meals of meeting five meals a day, smaller portions higher, you know, hiring in green content and vitamins and stuff. So,

[00:13:39] spk_0: huh, any, um, mindset shift from that day to now that you you kind of feel that you had some sort of, like, a lot of people think with one of those experiences they think or say either one of those experience, and all of a sudden they see life with a little bit more urgency. Clarity. You get

[00:13:59] spk_1: that? Yeah, I I definitely after that day and that, You know, that week, um, my mind and my vision completely shift. And I did a complete 1 80 with the way I was thinking in the way I viewed life. You know, it was, uh, Go, go, go, go, go. No stopping. And you know, after that, I figured, you know, life's too damn short. Um, you know, spending more time with the family. Uh, definitely working on myself. Um, you know, again, my wife calls me a workaholic and and I AM, But I have gotten to be able to decompress the way I need to go into the gym. Helps out a lot with that, um, you know, meditating in the morning. Um, you know, working and without the cellphone. Leaving a cellphone alone for the first, you know, hour of the day. You know, doing those types of things really gets gets me going. And which is why I kind of stepped back a little bit to the this, you know, latter half of the year. Because I really, really wanna work on myself. So that way 2021 ends up being my year for growth.

[00:15:14] spk_0: Yeah. What does growth look like to you? What's what's that vision board looking?

[00:15:19] spk_1: Oh, Vision board. I would I wish I was cool enough to, you know, do my vision board. But in my head growth to me, um, you know, going on the new project from the beginning of the year, which is good. Um, you know, maybe shifting the career path from not on lee safety, but maybe ah, superintendent type role. Um, growing the podcast as well as the livestream. Um, you know, making some extra content. Uh, to start putting out there and incorporating some of the networking, Um, that we've that I've had, you know, the luxury doing online with, you know, with linked in and some some folks from the free 99 squad that that I interact with doing some things Come, you know, the first quarter of next year That was just, you know, And then hopefully, you know, slim down and, you know, become some supermodel

[00:16:21] spk_0: Ugo, have your sponsor something out where it's just all face. Nobody dio you face the Speedos.

[00:16:34] spk_1: There you go. Yeah, you can have aspirations and dreams, man. I tell you.

[00:16:39] spk_0: Yeah, yeah, And I guess you and the girls and wife you guys been doing pretty good. Everybody has been, uh, readjusting, I guess after the event, just readjusting everyone's feeling like, all right, we're looking at Daddy. He's doing the right thing, and he's gonna be around for us. You got a bunch of kids Sierra's Kinston ears?

[00:17:01] spk_1: Yeah. Uh, yeah, we got a couple, and and and their Their mindset has, you know, they ask me all the time that are you doing? Okay. Hey, have you taken your pills? You know, they're always on me, and, you know, they hold me accountable. Um, you know, they are You going to the gym are eating, you know, all your all your vegetables, you know, and it's it's good, because that bond, believe it or not, when something tragic like that happens, the bond gets gets tighter. Um, you know, and then my girls air, you know, now teenagers. And I got my my youngest, Sophia, who's, you know, the princess of the bunch, the youngest. She, you know, she's always calling me and face timing me. And she's How are you doing? That is your heart. Okay. Eso it? Yeah, go. It goes a long way in there. They've adjusted to the fact that, you know, I kind of got it. Got away with it for, like, the first, you know, two weeks, you know, they would ask me to do something or, you know, they would, you know, make me laugh and I'd be like, Oh, my heart hurts And they'd be like, Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Now they know I can't fake it anymore. They know I'm good and any good standing, so it's Ah, it's definitely something that all That is good. Something good came out of it.

[00:18:16] spk_0: No, man, that's excellent, man. I'm glad to glad to hear that. Because truly I know. And I keep telling myself I got thio do it before my body tells me to With losing weight, taking care of myself. I've been starting to meditate a little bit more. I've been pretty good at it overall anyway, because I believe in it. But truly I have been recently trying to make a good go at it. But But the weight, you know, that's the heart, and you know it. I'm my wife keeps saying we call ourselves flexitarian, which is actually a thing. And that means you prefer things vegetarian, not begin, but vegetarian. However, you normally do a little fish if you're gonna choose me. But if you have regular, you know, pork or beef or anything like that, you don't beat yourself up like you would if you were vegetarian. Eso it's called, you know flexitarian, which is you know something You s Oh, yeah, flexible eating. So she always says you flex a lot more than I do when it comes to the meat part. Especially

[00:19:30] spk_1: when I'm

[00:19:31] spk_0: in Texas or something, and I haven't been this year. But you know, it's it's hard Thio Thio not think meet in Texas. How do you do

[00:19:39] spk_1: it? Oh, it's hard. Trust me. You know my me and my daughters and having having water burger here have been Jack in the box here in Texas. Um, you know, it's hard, but, you know, it's it's that mindset, and I can I eat the beef and and it's It's very lean. Uh, lots of turkey, lots of chicken. So those three meets, you know, getting your proteins in. Um two. So what you're doing? Definitely. You have, Ah, whole cup of vegetables versus your three quarter cup of your protein and you're half a cup of you're half a cup of your carbs. In a sense, you're brown rice s o.

[00:20:28] spk_0: You measure stuff for you. I eyeballing it.

[00:20:31] spk_1: No, I measure. I got, you know, living in that e measuring cups. So, you know, in a in a hotel room, I got I got a skillet. So I cook up my meat. I you know, steam the vegetables, The wife does the click list for me. I pick it up. You know about every two days of what the little refrigerators can hold in here. Um, you know, but cook it up, you know, meal prep for two days, three days and then, you know, do it all over again. Um, so I can have certain seasonings. You can have, you know, sauces like, uh, Tabasco or hot sauce. Because that doesn't take anything away. You can have the seasonings, like Mrs Dash Low Sodium, Mrs Dash. So I have that right there. Uh, you know, do that You can't use any kind of oil or Butters or anything like that. So what I do is, you know, after I'm done cooking my meat, I steam some of the like, the asparagus inside the skillet. Everything else is, you know, inside the microwave, the steam herbal type pouches. So it's it's you gotta do what you gotta do. You gotta work with You know what you can, uh, being on the road.

[00:21:45] spk_0: Yeah. And being on the road, man, it's always a tough you. So that's that's great that you actually plan and you get your meal said and not only having ah, hot place for something. Thio Cook is generally If you don't, it's gonna be microwave food or eating at the local whatever. You could walk Thio. Okay, so that's a really good planning on your pardon.

[00:22:10] spk_1: Yeah, it's Ah, it's definitely, you know, with this with this new little workout plan that they sent it to me. And they said here, this is what you have to eat. You know, my last meal of the evening ends up being, uh, way protein shake and, uh, two tablespoons of peanut butter. That's it. So, you know, I eat my my my second to last meal, which is the, you know, the ground beef, asparagus, and in the brown rice at about 4. 30. So by the time I get to the room, um, you know, drinking my way protein shake and, uh, eating peanut butter, then I'm good for the for the rest of the evening. And it's crazy cause they said any kind of diet, anything works on the plan because there's, you know, there's no sugars in it. It's, you know, um, it's good. So, Dr Pepper, I can't have real Dr Pepper and, you know, drinking the diet Dr. Pepper now and going in trying regular Doctor Pepper. Regular doctor purpose to

[00:23:12] spk_0: sweet sweet. It's like me when I when I cut out the sugar in the coffee and I just do cream but playing creamer I don't use the sugar creamer like half and half or something like that. And truly, I can't do the sugar anywhere. Just like way too sweeping that one. And I'm not even up to your game yet, so

[00:23:35] spk_1: yeah, no. And, you know, black coffee. They say, you know, if you're gonna drink coffee, black coffee, no cream, or you can use some of the sweetener or sugar substitutes stevia, uh, some of the some of the raw sugar cane type, but nothing, you know, Sugar. Sugar.

[00:23:54] spk_0: Yeah, I've been drinking coffee. Black. Yeah. You're doing it good for you, man. That's, uh that's awesome. So had a lifestyle change. You have the mindset change. You've been, uh, being purposeful, purposeful with your live streaming because you're doing that twice a week. And, uh, then whatever networking you can is on the side a little bit of the time. So you're doing like like, uh, some of your promotion now where you're out there and you're promoting Is it coming from mostly linked in or you're doing some from Facebook How you get in your promotion for people to watch your streams.

[00:24:39] spk_1: I put it out on everything when I when I put it out there. You know, if I make the graphic, if I make the the audio gram or, you know, the little video I put put some hard into it like my fireside chat, make them very quickly. And a lot of times, those were really on the fly. You know, I could be doing, you know, finishing up a sign on it. And I hop on the, uh can va the mobile Canada. And and then I throw it into, you know, premier Rush on the phone. And, um but, yeah, I take those pro Mose and throw them out there to the world on all social media platforms. I put it on Facebook, I put it on Twitter and put it on instagram on linked in, um and you know, I when I tell you, I try not to tag people in them, but, you know, depending on on what it is, if it's, um, like like the happy hour, you know, people that would resonate and come in tow. You know, to those types of things, um, would be good. So I tagged some people when it's ah, fireside chat that you know, either has a guest, or it's gonna be a really good topic that that some people might wanna, you know, throw some insight on I tag them. But other than that, I just put it out there, you know, a couple hours beforehand. Uh, sometimes I promote him, you know, a day or two ahead, but just put it out there and hope that they end up, uh, coming to see me. Um, yeah, and if not, I'm talking to the camera and they can catch

[00:26:13] spk_0: the replay. That's what I do to it's like, oh, here to help you dio Complaints help show. But if you're not there, I'll just go over something that's happening with ocean and then call the day I'm like, right around the 20 minutes to half hour mark right now is really what I've been targeting. How about you and on your fireside what you've been looking at,

[00:26:33] spk_1: um, for these last couple of ones, I've been doing about half a now, er 45 minutes. Um, you know, when I first started the fireside chats, I would make sure that I was doing a now our our plus, uh, to cover the radio station. Aziz. Well, as you know, the live, um, but yeah, it's definitely, you know, I think I might keep those fireside chats toe about half a now, 35 minutes is good. Get some good interaction and get people toe, you know, a chance toe to interact and engage. And then, you know, they get, you know, some value and just just reading the comments and engaging is awesome. Just seeing that, you know,

[00:27:13] spk_0: you got to tell you that is kind of cool.

[00:27:16] spk_1: Yeah, and it's it's crazy because when you start seeing the comments and you know, you, you have your topic like me. I have my topic. I'm focused. We're you know, we're talking about it before everybody gets in the room or, you know, gets around. Then all of a sudden, you know my topic then shifts. Thio What? You know what everybody else wants to talk about. And so it's it Z open forum for our viewers, our listeners, you know, our fans in a sense, Um, the people that interact with us and engage with us And then, you know, I asked them questions and and open ended questions. So that way I get, you know, broad answers from from, you know, different sides. Uh,

[00:27:58] spk_0: not bad. Not bad at all. Rounding January 4th will be my official 100th episode. So next week, the weekend between Christmas and new years I've got you for one of my episodes. I'm doing a daily episode. Nice. Monday through Friday. I'll do an episode today and then on the following Monday. The first Monday in January is gonna be my 100th episode with a special gassed. And truly, I've been trying to think of how first who do I want and you're on there. That's why I've been chasing you so long. E. I gotta have Pedro on the show. I just have to have them back. So not only can we catch up, but then also you've been doing so much and then just wantedto find out if you got any tips for me for for for 100 beyond. Is there anything you think I need? Thio, remember? And any words of wisdom

[00:28:58] spk_1: just keep doing what you're doing and be you. That that's That's one of the things and takeaways I'm you know, leaving 2020 with is be yourself. Uh, you know, all the content that you put out 100 episodes like that's a big milestone. That is a big feet. I'm only at, like, 41. 42. You know, I can't wait to hit that 100th episode. Um, you know, and just you were killing the game in the ocean compliance space. You were killing it in, you know, the the safety consultant blueprint and podcast. So, I mean, just keep doing what you're doing. You're you're doing awesome. I love the live streams, love tuning into those and then seeing you know, the questions that come about, um, you know, I like that. It's awesome.

[00:29:45] spk_0: No, man, I appreciate it. I'm gonna keep at it. I know. Truly, I try to get all the input I can just because I believe there's there's some value in the community. You know? It got such a really pretty cool safety FM community that, you know, I'm tapping you guys saying, Hey, help me out. E know that you've done a couple of live streams out of your live. I mean on E. Forget what they would call it. Still live stream on your in. But it's where your rebroadcast it over on the say pfm platform. And, uh, that's really cool when you when I get the CEO on that side, too. So you keep it up, brother. It's been really

[00:30:28] spk_1: good. No. And, you know the, you know, kudos toe J. Allen for having me, you know, part of the safety FM network. It's definitely been a, uh, um experienced learning from everybody and seeing the different ways people interact. Uh, sleeping, seeing the different ways. People, you know, do this type of stuff. Like, you know, Sam Goodman. Um you know, doing doing his thing. What You know, Jill does on her and, you know, even even rebranding safety with, you know, with James over, You know, over in the UK, it's, uh, it's definitely a good family atmosphere, and I just I just want growth in 2021. So, you know, doing doing J got me in. I wouldn't say into it, but has definitely helped me grow in the space of podcasting and live streaming. So, um, you know, that's why I got all this fancy shit around here. Pardon my language, but all this fancy stuff so that we got a good production, and it looks better. Uh, you know, when we can give the viewers and the listeners a clean, crisp look and feel.

[00:31:42] spk_0: Yeah. And you got the board to the road. The road. Castor. Hmm. Let me that board e. I

[00:31:48] spk_1: love it. I love it.

[00:31:50] spk_0: Have working like you have on your live stream yet, But I really been eyeing and thinking you more with this thing, and I I love it for ah, for pretty much my solo cast. I do all my commercials with the board. I do the background music, everything on the board. And when I'm done, download ship it off to be cast. I'm good to go.

[00:32:13] spk_1: Yep. Yep. That's exactly. And you know, I love the buttons that you can, you know, so intuitive. It's easy to use. Uh, I like when I do the live streams that I can hook up the phone via Bluetooth and actually have a call in line. Um, you know that that's pretty cool. And then you know, like we're, you know, face, I have my board as my audio input, but the camera I have running through zoom via O b s. I learned this. This is a This is a good one. Um, you know, So you start your O. B s feed. Um, with your capture your video capture, start your virtual camera, and then you import it into zoom. I'm gonna try it with, you know, stream yard, import the virtual camera over the stream yard and then, um, no. And then you should be able to have the have the live stream through O. B s and doing some scenes and commercials and doing that type of stuff there. So

[00:33:13] spk_0: and I do have a bs and I did a couple of screens. And for those of you that don't know what that is, it's ah broadcasting studio program that you use. And if you ever see the rated R safety show live, J has a version of it. A better version of that video Watch Pedro's lives dreams. You'll see it as well and truly gives you, um, like transitions that gives you like a background as well. You could get your audio in there if you needed to, you could do your video feed, and, uh, it gives you that Looks like if you're on, you know, Fox news, CNN, any of the other broadcasting things where you can have a ticker running down the sides or any of that stuff. It's really makes your one man show look like you got a team. Yeah, but this part is held a set up, though I gotta tell you that that that o b s nearly broke my ass. E was like, J I can't do this just bitch e.

[00:34:16] spk_1: No. I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to hook it up. You know, I watched a lot of YouTube videos on, you know, the camera, how to get that into, you know, And when I got the camera, um, you know, I got the cam link in there as well to get the camera feed clean, H d m. I over eso, it's it's definitely helped. And then what's What's cool now is that I'll be able to not only use the camera for my life streams, but now I'll be able toe, you know, take it out on toe construction site and get some actual footage. So that way I can make a nice intro outro and all that good stuff. So yeah, stuff on the back end.

[00:34:58] spk_0: Yeah. Yeah, Well, I've been I've been working on that, too. And I've also got a secret project I'm working on that's gonna be launched in January, and I've been doing a lot of footage for that one. E fingers crossed on that one. It's, uh, can't say what it is yet, but it's it's coming your way. You're here. The launch? Yeah. Wait. Yeah, yeah. So it's It's a little bit more of a little bit video heavy, but it truly I want to make sure that I'm reaching the audience as much as they can't anywhere I can. So I'm up on. So tell me and everybody how to reach you. What's the best way toe keep in touch with with my man Pedro? So

[00:35:42] spk_1: best way you can reach me is, uh, the X factor safety dot com head over to the website that has all my social media handles and everywhere I

[00:35:52] spk_0: am at, uh at the X factor safety, except for Lincoln, not lengthen except for Twitter. Twitter. It's safety X underscore factor. What? Everywhere else? The sex, The X factor. Safety. Uh,

[00:36:05] spk_1: you can find me. I'm on LinkedIn if you find me on

[00:36:08] spk_0: lengthen uh, DME friend Request me. I'm there. Same thing with, you know, Instagram, Twitter, all those other places. Yeah. Yeah, Well, excellent man. Thank you for for being part of the 100 celebration E. No, thank you. Normally do, but thanks. Yeah. No, thank

[00:36:27] spk_1: you for having me again. So there's been a pleasure again. You know, it's always great catching up with you and,

[00:36:31] spk_0: you know, again, last time we talked to now I'm greatly looking forward to your 100th episode. And what that is, you know is gonna be so, uh, you know, keep up doing good

[00:36:41] spk_1: work and not greatly appreciate what you do for the community. And you

[00:36:44] spk_0: know, the help bond mentor, you have been a swell. I appreciate that, man this'll episode has been powered by safety FM

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