Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
The Owls Nest and the Education Fundraiser
August 2, 2022
Chris and Bella of the Owls Nest come on the show to discuss their lives in the lifestyle, hosting events and supporting communities and their Education Marathon Fundraiser for the Center for Reproductive Rights -
We are Chris and Bella from The Owls Nest.  Our journey into the kink lifestyle started about 8 years ago with Bella's tiny stringy flogger and Bella's request for some firm hand during private times. After a funny turn of events, while on a beach in San Francisco, we decided to look for a public scene not realizing where it would all lead.  We found the lifestyle together and over these 8 years, it's been non-stop exploration of the community and most importantly, ourselves.  This has taken us across the world to learn and experience more of what there is and can be for our journey.  We have enjoyed everything from high style large latex events to rustic kinky camping.  Each experience has not only been fun, but a time of self discovery and personal growth.  Our journey has also brought us closer together continuing to strengthen our understanding and respect for one another.  Even after becoming organizers and community leaders, we still are learning, exploring and growing our love of each other and our kink family.  What started off as a desire to create a local kink party, has quickly grown into serving the larger kink community with a focus on gaps in the area like newbie-friendly events, rope jam/shares, all-inclusive event photography, education and fundraising.