The Dental Economist Show
Building Trust and Relationships in the Healthcare Industry with Jon Fidler of Fidler and Associates
January 25, 2024
In this episode of The Dental Economist Show, host Mike Huffaker is joined by Jon Fidler, the Founder and CEO of Fidler and Associates. Join them as they explore the changing expectations of healthcare professionals, the importance of transparency in building relationships, and how to evaluate candidates for success.
In this episode of the Dental Economist Show, Mike Huffaker is joined by Jon Fidler, the Founder and CEO of Fidler and Associates. 

Join them as they:

Jon Fidler is the Founder and CEO of Fidler and Associates, a nationwide executive search and consulting service in the healthcare industry. Before Fidler and Associates, Jon spent ten years with Patterson Dental, where he identified, hired, trained and developed multiple performance award-winning employees. Jon also served as Executive Member on the boards of multiple non-profit organizations. 

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Episode Highlights:

06:12-07:46 - The Importance of Building Strong Relationships

12:00-15:26 -  Changing Times in Recruitment

15:31-17:00 -  Hard and Soft Skills

30:14-33:04 -  Creating a Positive Culture in the Workplace

35:12-36:22 -  Pitfalls

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