Secrets From The Saddle: All things Cycling PODCAST
364. Expert Tips for Women Choosing Bikes from Brandon Davis at BikefitRVA
February 21, 2024
This was an incredible interview with Brandon from BikefitRVA. He shared numerous tips for women who are buying bikes, whether new or used. Before making a purchase, consider Bikefit first, and buy later. We also discussed the best handlebars. It was mind-blowing!

Brandon Davis
Since I started working in the bicycle industry in 2018, I have been fascinated by the practice of bike fitting. There are over six billion people in the world, and most bike manufacturers only offer six sizes: the chance that you can take a bike off the shelf, move a saddle up or down, and be perfectly comfortable and in an optimal position for maximum efficiency is, well, unlikely.

Over the last several years, I have completed Rëtul Level 2 training, studied the work of multiple renowned bike fitters from across the globe, and worked with hundreds of riders to get them fitted on their bikes. Casual riders, weekend warriors, elite racers, ultra-endurance cyclists, mountain bikers, and gravel grinders, I have worked with them all to optimize their experiences riding, racing, and commuting.

A professional bike fit can increase your performance, allow you to have greater confidence, and improve overall comfort–these goals are not mutually exclusive.