I Want to Be a Doctor
October 21, 2022
Introducing the I Want to Be a Doctor Podcast. Everyone needs an honest friend they can trust to tell them what they really need to know. If you want to be a physician--you've found that friend! https://podcasts.bcast.fm/i-want-to-be-a-doctor
Welcome to the I Want to be a Doctor Podcast where insider information about what it takes to become a physician is available for anyone. I'm Dr. Robin Dickinson, a board-certified family physician.

I'm thrilled to invite you into the often privileged and impenetrable world of becoming a physician. I knew I wanted to be a doctor from the time I was 6. But I didn't know any doctors besides the one I saw for my annual well child check. My friends' parents were mostly house painters and receptionists, so I always felt at a disadvantage. I want every student, regardless of their background, to have access to a physician to ask questions and find out more.

Now that I teach medical students, I realize that even if someone knows a doctor, that doesn't mean they can ask an honest question or expect an honest answer. 

So this podcast is for you, whatever stage you’re at.  Whether you’re 6 years old and just finding out the basics or in medical school trying to decide your specialty, I'm the reliable friend who will give you the detailed information you're wanting. And if I don't know what you need, I know physicians in every specialty and I'm sure I know someone who can let us both in on the secret. 

Join me as I answer questions from medical hopefuls and their friends and family, as you explore an exciting and fulfilling career in medicine. You can send your questions to me at podcast@docrobinschool.com. That's podcast at d-o-c Robin like the bird school dot com.

Subscribe, share with your friends and mentors and remember to live the life that is right for you with your personality, interests, and values. 

Show notes are always available on the podcast website linked below. 
This promo was recorded and produced in beautiful, downtown Englewood, Colorado.