How To Start A Podcast
How To Start A Podcast On YouTube
May 25, 2021
This episode shares how to start a podcast on YouTube...
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Docs to set up the YouTube integration: and


Okay, how to start a podcast on YouTube. But before we explain how you do that, let's understand why you would want to do that. Now, YouTube is an incredible place. It's like the new, I think it's the third largest search engine in the world after Google and Amazon, but the. We think you want your podcast to be on YouTube is simply for organic search.

There's so many searches happening, and if you can optimize the titles descriptions of your episodes and you're putting them out on all the other podcasts feeds, but then you also push them through to YouTube. You're going to get that extra inbound traffic, the extra inbound attention for free. So that's why now let's work out how there, there are two ways.

First you can create your podcast just as normal, and then you basically need a way to create a video version of that. Now, maybe you're already recording video and you export a video version. That's what you can put on YouTube. If you're not exploring, um, YouTube, uh, if you're not recording a video, then you would need to get a video editor to somehow combine the audio.

With an image in order to put that onto YouTube and then you need to manually upload every asset onto YouTube. That is the, the hard way, um, the other way. And we built a piece of software that makes us really, really easy. It's called bee costume, probably on our domain right now. Is that you can upload your episode to be cast onto your RSS feed that goes out to apple, Spotify, et cetera.

But with two clicks, you can also send that audio along with a thumbnail that's optimized for YouTube, through big cast and into YouTube automatically you choose the playlist, you send it through with a couple of clicks and then if three minutes is already uploaded to YouTube first, you have to connect your YouTube account, but that's very easy.

And so this way you don't need a video editor. You don't have to separately log in and upload to YouTube, everything, just go through your, your names and your descriptions go through to YouTube. And so that is the way we recommend, uh, there are other podcast hosts to do this by thing. They're more expensive than us, but you can just go to  dot FM and then you can get a free trial.

You can test this out. But it works like a dream and it automatically gets you more exposure for your show. So I highly recommend doing that. So there'll be links below that we'll link to docs to show you how to connect YouTube and how to publish to YouTube, but then also get to be cast FN to get that free trial.

Any questions you can reach out to us at support and we'll help you get that set up. Thank you for listening. And I'll see you in the next episode.