The Superhuman Playbook Podcast
Episode 13: Make Yourself a Priority w/ Jan Hellwig
April 9, 2021
Today's Superhuman guest comes to us from Germany. He is a software developer in the virtual gaming industry, one of our 5-star superhuman academy coaches, and the author of the chapter in the Superhuman Playbook titled "Make Yourself a Priority". Using the SuperLearner methodology, he rapidly advanced in his career and personal goals and comfortably reads over 60 books per year. In this episode, we tackle one of the biggest reasons that people struggle to find time with their personal goals, how to become the kind of person who can stick to a schedule even if you always failed to do so or resist, and we answer a question that I get all the time from the computer science SuperLearners out there "is it possible to speed read code?" All that and more in this interview with Jan Hellwig.
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