Your Life By Design
Develop A Vision And Create The Best Year Of Your Life
November 12, 2018
Most people have bigger TV screens than their vision. They never develop a vision for their life, let alone for the year. There is a reason why only 3% to 5% of a population ever achieve any real level of freedom or fulfilment, creative, financial, or otherwise. It's only because 3% to 5% of people ever get clear on highest leverage goals, uncover the unconscious patterns sabotaging them, and have a principle-centred system to achieve them. You don't have to be like most people. That's not your destiny if you decide. Grab this very special opportunity to turn this path around once and for all and discover how you can start creating the best year of your life year after year.
Are you weary of New Year’s resolutions, and disillusioned by the struggle to get clear on what you want -- and actually achieve it?
Do all the possibilities and paths to achieve them overwhelm you so much that you often don’t accomplish what you set out to do?
Is just listening to this making you feel tired and yearning for some Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice-Cream?!
Okay, maybe that’s just me.
First of all, I want to release you from any guilt or shame around this struggle to get clear on your goals and actually achieve them. It’s not your fault. You’re not to blame. In fact, it’s so common it’s almost epidemic. 
The reason is that we aren’t really taught how to do this. And a lot of what’s out there is just a map of how someone else did it and it doesn’t work for many others.
As I mentioned earlier I realised after a while that standard approaches did not work for me or my clients. This was my struggle for years. I kept fine tuning the model.... until I broke down most of the success stories and discovered something…
Most people never develop a vision for their life, let alone for their year. Most people have bigger TV screens than their vision! There’s a reason why only about 3-5% of the population ever achieves any real level of freedom or fulfilment – creative, financial, or otherwise…
It’s because only 3-5% of people ever get clear on their highest leverage goals, uncover the unconscious patterns sabotaging them, and have a principle-centred system to achieve them.
You don’t have to be like most people. That’s not your destiny...if you decide…
That’s why I’m giving you a very special opportunity to turn this pattern around once and for all, and start creating the best year of your life -- year after year. 
This is exactly how I do it. It’s how I created the life I have. And helped many people around the world do the same.
This is not like any other goal-creating, planning, or success system out there -- in fact, it’s almost exactly opposite to what most people teach...
One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating a plan for the new year is that they don’t take the time to complete the last year… 
The result is that they lose many of the lessons and blessings and carry a lot of unfinished business into the new year -- resulting in stagnation, limitation, and becoming stuck.
But how do you do this...I mean really do it... the right way?
I will show you step-by-step in the Design your Life podcast. 
If you feel any anxiety as you hear this, recognise it as resistance or your “ego” is trying to keep you safe and keep things the same.
I know how the ego works, and it’s probably already giving you all kinds of ‘good reasons’ (aka excuses) to stall, wait, think about it, etc…
That’s what the ego does -- anything it can to prevent you from truly changing, because to the ego, change is scary and painful.
Are day-to-day stresses taking over your life?
From work to family to taking care of your health and everything else, it seems that life can be overwhelming and leave us feeling drained and empty.
This is due to a lack of clarity and Priorities. When we are unclear about what really matters we lose our way in our lives. 
Clarity about where we are and where we are going to determines the quality of our lives. It governs the feeling and expression of emotion, and it’s what ultimately enables us to be successful in life. 
When your priorities are misplaced it can cause stress and illness, and negatively impact the healthy management of our daily tasks and stresses.
Yet most people don’t know how to get clear about what really matters.  Once you get  the power of priorities in your live and how managing our priorities can help us become balanced, healthy, and de-stressed you can begin to move towards Designing your Life.
It’s the beginning of perfect opportunity for you to start taking charge of your life
The Design Your Life Model has three stages to be effective. In fact I think the first stage is the most important stage.
1. Evaluate 
2. Discard 
3. Implement 
Many times goal setting and time management fails to bring about long term results. This is because the first stage “Evaluate” is overlooked.
Many typically rush into the third stage “Implement” assuming that they have already got all their ducks in a row. 
For all the years that I have personally designed and implemented plans, when something has not worked out as planned, it’s because I overlooked Stage 1 or did not do it thoroughly. 
So how do you go about Evaluating something? How do you go about evaluating your life?
This was a process I created for myself about 35 years ago and I kept refining it. 
For the last 25 years, graduates of my Success Permission program have been using a more advanced version of this process to develop a deeper awareness of their life. 
I used to call it an updating process for them. Some people update their computers every day. Others may do it once a week, a month or a couple of times a year. How often have you updated yourself on where you are in your life and where you are heading?
We divide your life into the following categories. 
I will give you the simple version first:
• Health
• Relationship/Emotional
• Wealth 
• Spiritual 
For those who want to make greater distinctions we have the more detailed version;
Physical: Nutrition, Diet, Weight, Exercise Routine, Health habits 
Mental: Mindset, Thinking patterns, Focus, Ability to innovate
Emotional: Being aware, self-modulation
Relationship: With family, work, friends, community 
Career: Pathway, progression, satisfaction 
Financial: current able to manage, mid-term and Long term
Living environment: Is your work and living environment supporting you. 
Spiritual: Part of an established church/temple/institution or humanitarian perspective 
In each category you give it a score from 1 to 10. 1 being the least and 10 being the most. You also write  a one line statement about that area of your life. Then you asses your life in each category 5 years ago and now. This gives you a trajectory of where your life is heading. 
There are other models that focus on giving you a score of where you are in your life right now only. 
However the “Life By Design” Model gives you perspective unlike just doing a snapshot of only where you are right now. 
So for example let’s take one category like “Physical”.
This is the example that I often use in my seminars:
Health: 5 Years ago Score:1
Statement: Very unfit. Exercise: Chanel surfing on plasma screen.
@ 5 years ago James was really unfit. The only exercise he did was when he came home from work, he walked to theRefrigerator, took out his packet of potato chips and sat down in front of the plasma screen. James let his fingers do the walking as he channel surfed.
One day he saw a fitness guru on the screen. James got inspired. The very next day He went out and got track pants and track shoes. 
James started walking 5 days out of 7. Six months later he started running. One year later he joined the gym. Within the next six months he was a part time gym instructor after work. 
Now Score 10:
Statement: Very fit 
Fast forward, James exercises 6 days a week. He is so enthusiastic about fitness that when his friends see him coming they get tired. 
So until and unless you have a current map of where you came from, the where are you right now lacks context.
If you have never had problems with your health and you suddenly developed a health problem three years ago, when you look at your past 5 years and where you 
are right now, you will recognise the changing nature of your health status as you age.
If however you always were relatively unfit with poor Health habits like James in the example above and you Started developing healthier habits then that too would 
Show up.
We can project what happened and is happening now into the future. If you had poor Heath habits and a lack  of vitality, doing nothing means it will only get worse.
I could use the same argument for your financial status as well. 
This is how when I work with my current clients and patients, by having them do the above exercise and an overview of their future outcomes I have pretty good idea of where they are moving towards and if its in the right direction. 
One lucky listener that posts a review on iTunes will win a private confidential consultation and coaching with me on discovering your soul’s purpose. I will lead you on a personal journey to discover your unique mind-body psychosomatic map of your life. You will get a detailed report and a personal 45 minute consultation with me that is worth thousands.
When you did the exercise, I assume you were as honest with yourself as you could be. 
Second, could your write that one sentence in that category. Some of Seminar participants could. Others could not. The more you can write, the more distinctions 
you can make, the more precise is your evaluation of your current status. 
The more precise your evaluation, the more variables you can choose to change. The more choices you have. The more choices you have, the greater your capacity 
for change and growth.
In case the above remains unclear to you, I will repeat the example of James outlined above. Suppose under Health category  James had written 
A:  Very unfit  
It leaves everything to the imagination and very little actionable items.
Instead if James had written,
B: Very unfit 
1) Poor nutritional habits
2) Do not exercise 
3) Overweight by 10kg
4) Sleep at 2:00am and wake up exhausted 
Compare A) and B). In describing the problem  with greater precision in B) , James has actually come up with several actionable items.
Those who see the trajectory of where they are going and decide they want a different path and are motivated by it make amazing changes.
Others see the trajectory and either remain blind to the Implications or do too little too late. 
It really saddens me when I see this. I have pointed out to some of my clients about an impending physical, emotional or financial disaster based on their patterns. 
After the disaster as occurred either a stroke, heart failure, or bankruptcy they come back to me and we work on the physical and emotional rehabilitation. 
However I deeply respect the power of personal choice. Sometimes people only learn from the life experience.
I do hope that is not you.  This next year could be your year. Let me help you make it the very  Best Year of your life. You and only you can decide to make it so. That is the vital first step to your brilliant future waiting for you. 
Your life is a gift. Design it. Do what matters and join me each week as we get closer to designing the life of your dreams
I am Dr Sun. Join me next week on Design Your Life.