Safe & Sound Week
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Safe & Sound Week
August 9, 2021
In this episode, Sheldon goes over the International outreach from OSHA called Safe and Sound week. It is international because some participants will be outside of OSHA's jurisdiction. Sheldon gives a walk through the OSHA site through the eyes of a consultant or safety officer.
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[00:00:37] spk_0: Are like a smack dab in August, I mean insane how fast 2021 is going. So I truly am just grateful that you guys have been with me for the song And I'm in season three. Right. I should say, you know, starting season three. So you guys have been with me for a little while. Uh if you have not uh connected with me through the show, you could go ahead and how to type me Sheldon at safety consultant that us. And now I also want to see if you could do one more thing for me up here listening to me that the itunes, you could be any android lines. I love the stitcher. I've been using it for quite a while. But whatever you guys are using, wherever you have that button that says, would you like to subscribe to this show? Go ahead and do that for me. That'd be awesome. Uh It helps me out quite a bit because algorithms, that's my answer for everything Now. Algorithms. Did you take out the trash algorithms? No. Uh actually it does help because what will happen is the rankings and they see people like me and it gets like the feedback loop. If you will, and it would rank me a little bit higher and announced cases, then it would stop bearing me into directory so people can find the show and start listening or and be able to help more people. So it's awesome. If you could do that would be great if you've got some time would be awesome if you rate the show and to give a review. I really appreciate those. Uh I only got a handful, so reading those have been awesome, so thank you so much. So let's get into this one, right? So this is what we're gonna do, since it is actually the middle of august, you did not know this, but maybe you did. OSHA does this thing every single year in the middle of august and they call it safe and sound weak and this is a campaign that they spend a real good amount of money to do because they feel that if you could um awaken or maybe even arise people's awareness of hazards and then educate them as to how to abate the hazard. Let's go ahead and make this an event that we could get someone to really focus on this one week to do so from August 9 to the 15th, you can actually go on the OSHA website. So it's OSHA dot com x slash safe and sound. So should I go back size safe and sound? Get here, you're gonna want to just just kind of click around in this section, There's a couple of subsections and everything you're going. But should I go, excellent, Safe and sound is where you want to go. And as always understanding rule on this show is you cannot be doing this search if you are in a vehicle, that is none of the this show. So therefore listen to this shit all the way through, like we always do. And then when you get home you listen to it again. So you could go and follow along on the website. So that is the approved way of following along in this episode. Alright, so this is what we're gonna do now that everyone's here. Oh should I go back to my safe and sound the first thing you're gonna do? You could sign up for the mailing list and it's a monthly letter and it's about safe and sound. So that means it's going to last past uh this time. So you can sign up for that one if you did participate this week with an event and I'll show you guys how to get to the events in a little bit, then make sure that you share. Experience it like that one too. I really think that towards the end of this I should be able to um put together something that's going to help you business wise. So I'm not just gonna flip you through the site. And even though we're talking about OSHA, there is an international aspect to this because OSHA doesn't even have resources this week that has international people that are representing this. So you do have that and I'll show you guys where to find him. You're gonna also want to do this. So let's do it in order. So I'm looking at the tabs from the top, it seems like it underneath the big benefit says safe and sound is a year round campaign to encourage every workplace to have a safety and health program. So that's the subtitle under safe and sound. So under that you're going to see the headings home, develop your program safe and Sound week you're our supporters and then contact us. So each one of these pages, as she scroll down, I'm starting to develop your program. So they do mention the impact that OSHA has had on ever since they've become an entity. And they say that Of BLS reports that there is a decrease in 60% in the past four decades since OSHA, since the act was passed. And then they say that right now, though, still around 5000 workers die each year, which is 14 per day. I think one of the catalyst for the safe and salary. If I'm trying to help maybe get the heart of this from what OSHA is saying is probably that they want to get some ground rules or even a base understanding that we just need to make sure that the programs themselves meaning your actual safety management system. That's what I'm going to say is programs, your safety management system. You should just go SMS, like some of you guys, uh, that's like one of the buzzwords that's going around safety management system. SMS. So I'm going to be like the cool kids and I'm going to go ahead and say SMS. So your smS, when you're looking at this or what I believe, oh, she's saying here is we're going to give you this week, we're going to tell your resources and we're going to focus it on management, leadership, worker participation, finding hazards and fixing them. So that's what this week is all about for OSHA, the safe and sound weak. Uh and I believe they are going to have their own Lebanon's available this week. So we're gonna look at that just to make sure that we get those, those things down. So as we're on this one page would develop your program, you can actually find trifle brochures, webinars, 10 ways to get your program started and this again, your safety and health. Your smS. They get a stick with my president, right? There's even a course offering for your safety and health. And this is from OSHA's numbered courses. So if you guys did not know OSHA has special courses that they teach and they just have a little number system to it. So sometimes you remember the numbers off hand, but generally we just say it's an ocean number of course. And then we know this was specifically coming from oh ship. And uh, they have some courses in hairston numbers that I'm gonna show you. But what you really want to go is again, when you're in the safe and sound week, you're gonna look for resources, right? Where it gives you the overview and you click on the link that says safety and health programmes course offerings. So Osha's 7500 courses, introduction to safety and health management. There's a 75 oh five, which is incident investigations. So those are like, what the numbers are. There's record keeping one, which is a good course. I've taken several. These uh introduction to small business. You're 5 10 course which is your construction course 5 11 is General Industry Maritime is 54 10 and then 6005 as collateral duty course for other federal agencies, which I've never taken because I didn't really have to need to. So how do you really take these as you go to your your map from OSHA and you look up your local OSHA Training Institute Education Center where if you want to travel, that's good too. I'm actually living in a region that I am not actually a member. Should remember I'm not authorized instructor in this region. I'm actually authorized instructor in a different region because I just like this other O T. E. Yeah, O T I E C. OSHA Training Institute Education Center. So that's how you guys can get that management leadership. You're going to see that heading right underneath the principal heading of the overview of the program. And then you click on some things here. One of the really cool things that they have here is how to make a safety proposal. Uh Excuse me, making safety personal to everyone, come out of my mouth personal and that's really bad. Uh and then there's another one that says, take three and 30 management leadership challenge. So OSHA actually has a nice little challenge that you could do. And this one is uh set for a leadership and uh it looks like I'm gonna have to uh I'm gonna have to dig into this one more because I'm looking at the same time, consider this an unboxing, You got unboxing video. So there's a check your safety challenge and this one is finding and fixing hazards and you could take the challenge. So what you're gonna do in this one start building your approach by taking this, check the safety challenge, do this activity and you earn your challenge coins. It's a virtual challenge thing. So in order for you to take this challenge, it's like an OSHA activity. You kinda click on this thing and it's going to give you a zip file you're going to need to download and would you do that? Well then you can start doing the challenge. So I kind of clicked on it and just a little just take an idea of what they're doing and they're looking at a little check list of identifying some hazards and then you're gonna involve the workers to figure out how to fix it. Make a plan to fix it and institute the plan and then you're going to check it. So that's a nice nice way of doing the plan, do check act system teaching people how to do that. So that was the whole tab of developing your program. The next one says satan sound week. So this is the week itself. So what you're gonna do finding an event is there's events by states, there's events by countries. Uh so the country on the international participation, you click on that and it's like a little map of the globe and you'll see a map of the States for different states. So basically just click on the word you want to take your class. So I'm just clicking an international just since I have an international audience, it looks like the kuwait chapter of the A. S. S. P. Is doing an event and it looks like it's going to be august 12th 6:30 p.m. To 8:30 p.m. And I don't know what time zone ments in because they did not say that but there's a contact for their uh and they've got a bunch of participants in here and if you're looking through this list there's really good good amount of military as well as I and companies that are going to be participating. So how that happens where you can see who's participating is on the uh same page. You can scroll up above the maps and you'll see where it says registered now and you can actually registered to participate even this week right now. You can do it. It's not too late, go ahead do it. So when you register you're actually going to be able to go, she'll be able to tell who is participating and they'll put to you on that list, this nationwide events going on. And generally those are going to be webinars. So you see a webinar on a fit testing and there's one about the outside the lines safety. Uh huh. Mm hmm. I'm actually going to try to do one of these next year. I'm in florida so I could click down florida and I'm gonna see what actual places have it. So some employers good side down at one employer that is doing, um, a lecture series. It looks like in my area. So very cool. And there's a few other places and you can tell by the number of, um, there's numbers in the States when you're looking at the map and the numbers are really telling you who has signed up to participate in the state. So it's kind of cool. As you look through some of the places you see cities and counties or you see other things, especially in state plans. Let's click on over. You can also get on the same page where you're safe and sound weak. You'll see there's 123 bucks and describing it for you guys who are listening to me. But remember the ground rules are if you're driving or you're working and you can't be distracted by being on the computer and you're just listening to, it's the first time. So you could get a kind of a gist. But when you go back home where you get to a computer and you got the time, that's when you're going to go ahead and listen to us again and follow along with what I'm telling you to click through. See that's how it works. Number three out of the three steps that they have, one was participate, signed up to participate too is playing and promote your event and then three recognize your participation. So after you complete your event you click on that, recognize your participation and now the page and live. So what you could do is you're gonna put your business name, what industry you're in the email, how many participants um or just say where you're participating in and then how many workers and you're gonna do a nice little um uh survey if you will of how do you like this week and and how do you feel about it? But the contact name and phone number and then you could download an actual certificate that will have the Department of Labor's um logo on it. So it's really cool. I've done this a couple of times when the first got started with the safety stand down for fall protection and then the first iteration of safely statements and safe and sound weak. Who man that was tough for me to see But yeah, I got to get that one down safe and sound weak. Okay, so there you go. I've got a few. Even with me being a employer of one that's really what it said. My certificate. Uh then they would do it for you to go ahead and get your credit and get a nice certificate that has D. O. L. On it for OSHA. They also have logos and other things that you could download if you do want to throw up a quick flyer since we're on the week of uh next year you'll have it a week or should say a whole year ahead. And really what this is is going to be uh logos that you could use that oceans using on their site. So there would be some homogeneity if you will. And the list of companies and organizations participating. It's awesome. So here's something you could do with this. All right. I am. I don't want to cheapen this in any way because it's a wonderful, wonderful thing that, oh, she's doing God, we're also thinking business, right? So in this list we've got a gem. So what you're going to be looking for is you want to make sure that you could see if any of these people have a need in any way. So you could take the whole list. You could go by geographical location. You go just by, you know, a certain dollar figure that you're looking for. But you can take this lesson. Do two things. Some of these lists come or should say some of the names or companies on this list is going to have sponsors and supporters that they are themselves safety consulting firms. And let's say that you're thinking about joining one of the firms or you're trying to get into the safety consulting and you think your, your way in is, let me go ahead and see if I can start a little bit like one project at a time for an established company. Look from here, you know, look around and see if one of these companies here maybe hiring or may actually have a need that you could fill. So it's one of the things you're thinking of because you know, for sure there already, they have a leg up in safety because they are already participating with OSHA. So here's some of the names, all tech amazon business, american Eagle ready mix. It's all in the 80s. We're going to go down a little bit further circle safety and health consultants and compliance training on lane. I'm going to go down a little bit more graphic products, grove roofing, health and Safety Institute. Yeah. Oh my God. Uh, Miller of Milwaukee tools are in there. So, really good. Um, big names and some of these glossy E. H. S, a casino resort is partnered with OSHA to in this one. That's pretty cool. So that's one way that you could have done that as far as using this list to help you either provide service saying that you might be able to help some of these people meet some of their goals and that is providing service or you can even seek to, if some of them are hiring and you're looking for that, then it could be potential where they could be employers. So use that list mine as well. Then, you know, for sure that those people are uh, safety conscious and there might be contact names on there too. Probably if you click on the logos now, it makes sense to me is having some sort of contact most. So after the next tab would be the contact of tab. And it's really just put me in your email and sending that out to OSHA. So that is the safe and sound weekend. I'm going to throw in a little land. Yap. If you guys are not familiar with that is you probably haven't heard the show in a while but that a few times because that's a Cajun phrase I picked up from all my time in Louisiana. That means Uh one extra or extra. You're getting something for like you know how they say the bakers doesn't. So in this case you're getting one extra of the doughnut. So this one extra piece while we're here on the safe and sound weak and we're talking about OSHA programs hover your mouse over and you really want to do this one where you go to topics so cover your mouth mouse over topic and it's going to have a nice little drop down menu scroll over to safety and health programs and it says that's under key topics, Click on that one and now that you're here, just kind of click through all of these um links here and what this is is a voluntary injury illness prevention program that OSHA has set up since 2016. This is the update one. The original one was like super old but they updated 2016 standards and they have seven core elements that you'd look for for sound safety program or SMS. As our phrases right now. Management leadership, worker participation has your identification and assessment has a prevention and control education and training program evaluation and improvement, communication and coordination for host employers, contractors and staffing agencies. So all seven of those elements OSHA has got together. And then there's two books in here. Just make sure you go to the very right, you will see download oceans recommended practices for safety and health programs and then they have one for construction. So get those and it really will help you with your safety and health system. It's free. As long as you can get to the OSHA dot gov website, you can use this. And if you are not the person who is in charge of the safety and health of your organization then and that was me. Yeah. Then the next thing that you're going to do is especially if you're trying to get into that range and trying to get to becoming the person in charge, then go ahead and start acting on this as best as you can with your safety committee or the safety uh current safety person and say, hey I want to get in safety to look what I found or if you're a consultant or you're about to be use this information and this could help you develop how you could transition somebody from where they are now to an excellent safety and health, you know, V. P. P. Which is voluntary protection program or Sharp program, which is safety and health achievement recognition program. Those are two ocean initiatives that says, hey, you guys are so good, we're gonna go ahead and uh and keep you in a separate category and we're going to say that you are exempt from certain types of inspections. So that's really good. It's a good thing to do. So thanks everybody for hanging out with me. Don't you know,

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