Why would we need irrational AI?
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Why would we need irrational AI?
July 20, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the next steps for artificial intelligence.
I said this thought and I was just thinking we actually need irrational artificial intelligence, irrational AI. And the reason I'm thinking this is because the way that AI works well, it's not going to be the end all, be all for everything because the way that works is it's only as good as the data you provided. So the way artificial intelligence works is it looks at an overview of different inputs and sees what outputs it gets. And based off of this it gets closer to the truth by evaluating all these different data points and and going into a gradient descent towards the mean. 

So essentially what it's doing is just picking out what's average. So if you ask a question let's say you have an ai platform question and answer platform. The answers that are that you're going to get from this platform are just average, right, because it's going to give you the average answer. So you might have some really, really dumb answers that are on the fringes and you're not gonna get those and you might have some beautifully intelligent answers that are also on the fringes and you won't get that as well. You are going to get the average answer. 

So in other words, I think artificial intelligence, we should maybe call it AAI or artificial average intelligence because it's just going to pull from the average intelligence of all the data that's out there. I think the way this changes. So it got me thinking right, it's like, all right, well, how do humans behave? And the way that I like to think about it is let's just imagine that humans, we are artificially intelligent. Like this isn't let's just imagine, right? I'm not going to put you through the whole stress of like simulation theory and where our universe comes from and everything like that. But let's just imagine that humans are artificially intelligent, right? 

So whatever we're thinking the way when we you know, smell roses and the way that it makes us feel it's just algorithms in our head and we get these inputs and we create outputs. So with that in mind, if humans are artificially intelligent, then how do we have some humans that innovate? And that got me thinking right? And I think the answer is out of irrationality. So instead of just doing what the average person is doing, instead of going towards this gradient descent towards the mean, instead of just following, you know, quote unquote, I guess the sheep, there are some people that are not going to be acting logically, they are going to be acting irrationally. And this little sense of irrational behavior is what gets us to think in the fringes and behave in ways that aren't the average. 

So just thinking about this whole thing, like eventually I do believe that AI, artificial intelligence, will surpass human intelligence, right? It'll still be going towards the mean, it'll give you most of the answers out of the mean, AI itself will have its own level of average intelligence, but over time it should get higher than humans. But I think to really create this innovation if these new life forms, artificially intelligent life forms, if they're going to start innovating, and if because in the future, what I imagine is the way I could work is you have a bunch of Einstein, an infinite amount of Einstein-like brains all network together to solve the world's problems, right? 

But Einstein wasn't of average intelligence, and in the future it could be, you know, just that right, with artificial artificial intelligence an Einstein-like brain could be what's average, but I think to have this continued innovation, we have we're going to have to program some kind of irrationality and who knows, maybe in the largest group of things, I'm just thinking about this right now, but maybe if we look at the patterns in the macro where these irrational decisions seem rational based on the person or based on a micro level, maybe on the macro level, it actually does follow some kind of algorithmic pattern. Who knows, interesting things to think about. 

But yeah, artificial intelligence, it's just average intelligence, it's not going to be the end, all be off for everything. I think for artificial intelligence to truly start innovating, there's going to have to be some level of the rationality where we're not we're not going towards what's normal, And I think this is how you as a 6% entrepreneur actually contribute to society, because instead of doing what the norms are doing, you aren't normal, right? You are on the fringes, you think very differently and you are an innovator of my friend. Hope that helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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