Two quick things to get your marketing copy to convert today
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Two quick things to get your marketing copy to convert today
July 12, 2021
In this episode, we talk about two quick wins that will upgrade your copy.
All right, here's a really quick way to get a really quick win. We are going to upgrade your website copy, or your email copy, or whatever copy you might have for your product, service, or offer. And we're going to be doing this very easily. So, the very first thing that we're going to fix is your headline. Your headline is about 50% of your copy, it's going to have the most impact. Nothing else really matters with your headline. 

If your headline doesn't capture the attention of your audience, then the rest of your website, whatever you have, does not matter. The best way to create a headline if you are not skilled at doing headlines is to use a curiosity plus benefit headline. So, what you're doing here is you are pitching the benefit. So, whatever the benefit is, the benefit, that vertical liftoff accelerator, for example, pitches, is to skip investment funding. So that is the benefit. We let everyone know how they're going to benefit from our headline. 

And then you add a little bit of curiosity. So this curiosity part is something that will actually make them say what actually is that? You know, I have to go check that out. I have to learn about that. So the headline for the vertical liftoff accelerator again, skip investor funding by going vertical. So going vertical. That's the curiosity part. That is the part that makes people think, okay, what is going vertical? What does that mean? I have to learn about that and I have to figure that out. If you don't have a term like going vertical, you can just use other different little curiosity plugs. 

For example, the weird trick to skipping investor funding or you can say the odd thing that startup founders due to skip investor funding. So you're building this curiosity and your matching it with this benefit. So this will get you your headline and this will be a good headline that should start converting your website right away. If you had nothing else, this will probably have the most impact that you can have. The other thing that we're going to fix is we are going to change your marketing from egocentric to empathetic. 

So what I mean by this is if your copy, go look at your website, go look your Instagram page, go look at all of that. If your copy uses the words we, my, our then that's egocentric, you're talking about yourself. So when founders say, you know, we are the best at this or our product as this or let us do this. That is very egocentric. And egocentric marketing does not work anymore. It might have worked in the past when there wasn't that much stuff being marketed, but now people are being inundated with marketing from everywhere. And egocentric marketing no longer works. What works is empathetic marketing. 

This is where you use phrases such as you and your and you make it about them. Because the truth is people do not care about you, They do not care about your product, they do not care about your brand, This is the brutal truth, brutal honesty, They do not care about you, they care about themselves. So we have to care about ourselves if we wanted to get into the conversation that they're having in their head and the way to do that is you talk about them not yourself, meaning not you like the person listening to this podcast, but you talk about them, your audience, right? 

So use words like you and your this is how you skip investor funding, so you can keep equity and you etcetera. Right? So we are switching from egocentric marketing too. Empathetic marketing. So really quick episode on how to improve your copy and make it badass. Use a great headline with a curiosity plus benefit and then take out all the ego from all your copy. And that will start helping you convert a little bit faster than what you might already have hope that helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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