The right way to coordinate plans to avoid flaky people and bad times
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The right way to coordinate plans to avoid flaky people and bad times
August 1, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the most effective way to coordinate plans to avoid flaky people and bad times hanging out.
Have you ever had a situation where you're trying to coordinate plans and a lot of times it just doesn't go your way? or it doesn't happen? or the other person's flaky and it just leads to all this frustration? and this could be with your friends, it could be with your girlfriend, it could be someone that you met on Tinder and it's just really difficult for you to coordinate all this because what you're trying to do is you're trying to make everyone happy?  and when you're trying to make everyone happy, you're trying to coordinate everyone's happiness. And this is really difficult to do. 

So here is a life hack to make your life so much more easier. So you don't get frustrated and get upset by this nonsense that you might be facing. And the life hack is is don't give a fuck what other people care about doing or about what they think or etcetera, you just don't care at all. What you do is you do what you want to do, right? So instead of calling up a friend saying, hey do you want to do this? Or instead of calling up someone that you met that you're dating, hey do you want to do this? You just go ahead and go make those plans and you go do it and you do them solo. So whether this person shows up or not, it does not matter and this is actually something that I'll do. 

Earlier today, um there was this girl that I met out in in front of my building. Really cute, super hot actually. And we added each other on Instagram and I haven't really contacted her in a couple of days, but today I was planning on going to the beach and I was like, you know what? You know, be cool to have some company whether or not she comes, it does not matter. It's not going to affect my happiness because I'm going out there to have a good time and I know that I'm gonna have a good time by myself whether or not other people are there, but I did reach out to, I sent her a little voice note and said, "hey, you know, I'm going out to the beach in an hour if you're not doing anything, um feel free to join, if not, that's cool too". And who knows?, she might have her own plan, she might be doing all these other things, but I'm just adding this extra option there, it doesn't matter to me whether she comes or not, I'm just gonna go out and have a good time and that's that. No more coordination, no one like asking questions, no, no more, you know? Trying to make every single person happy and said, the focus of happiness is on me and I'm just doing whatever I want to do and if other people want to join, that's cool too. And if they don't, that's also all good, Right? 

So next time you're planning something, plan something for you. If you're planning a Tinder date plan it for you because even if the person doesn't show up or if it's flaky or anything like this, you know you're gonna have a good time, right? So if you plan a date, so if you like to go, I don't know, play paddle ball, I'm just trying to say something that's like odd paddle ball. I don't even know if that's the thing, it's paddle ball thing? Let's say that you're going out to play paddle ball, right? If that's a thing or not, it sounds like it should be a thing. If you love playing paddle ball, then whenever you go out assuming that you can do this solo because I haven't thought about that part yet, but if you got, and with the mindset that you are going to play paddle ball and you go do it, you're gonna have a good time, right? It doesn't matter who else is with you, whether this other person is gonna come or not. 

But if you're trying to coordinate plans where you're trying to make everyone happy and you make a plan where you know, let's say it's not even something you do want to do and this other person doesn't show up and they flake on you then what? Right? You just messed up. You're like conforming to them when really you should just be a king or a queen in your own world and just stick to what you want to do. And when you stick to what you wanna do, guess what's gonna happen, you're going to start attracting the people that like to do what you want to do and that's the like you want to have, right? 

So for me, if someone says "hey, I want to go out to a club And go see this one DJ Yeah" that's cool. That sounds like it could be fun, but it's not really something I want to do because I'm at this point in my life where I've already done all that and I don't want to do it right now, I don't want to do anymore, you know? And if I just stick to the stuff that I want to do, then I'm going to start attracting the people that are going to want to do what I want to do. So right now, I'm just a home body that likes to build businesses and likes to start things and like to smoke a lot of weed and guess what? A lot of people that share in the same values, they actually coming to me and now I'm like hanging out with people that vibe with me, right? And I vibe with them. So instead of me trying to conform to these other people that I don't want to vibe with, I'm actually attracting people that I do vibe with. I hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus boom bam. I'm out. 
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