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#59: Winning Olympic Silver WHILE Raising A Family Internationally… & Resilience Lessons After Getting Hit By A 1500 Pound Bobsled Going 70 MPH w/ Noelle Pikus Pace
December 7, 2021
2x Olympian. 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist. 26x World Cup Medalist. Today, you and I get to hang out with Noelle Pikus Pace! If you watched the 2014 Olympic Games, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize Noelle… Her celebration after winning the silver medal and running into the stands won the Best Olympic Winter Games Moment award. But what’s MORE incredible than her medal is her story behind WHY she jumped into the stands with her family. She recovered from a freak accident after getting hit by a 1,500 pound bobsled going 70 MPH. She had a miscarriage. Her husband and young kids traveled with her internationally while she trained so they didn’t have to be apart. This is a story you won’t want to miss!