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356. HEINI Canada Sportswear - Premier Cycling Clothing Company | Sabaree Thangavel
December 13, 2023
Every club needs a great cycling kit. And Heini, has some of the best new high-tech cycling jerseys and NEW SEAMLESS Cycling BIB Shorts. The best thing is they customize and can personalize a cycling kit for you, with an unreal turnaround. The prices are right. Check them out.

"Our goal is to HELP YOU set up your own custom clothing line"
Heini Canada is a supplier of exclusive and high quality Cycling and Sportswear garments based in Toronto. Unbeaten quality and customer centric manufacturing are at the core of our business. From our design, development and testing in Europe, to our intrinsic production facilities in Italy and South East Asia and delivering the best custom apparels in every corner of the world. 
We have unrivalled textile and raw material experience as well as years of manufacturing and pattern making to produce the best apparels available to the performance market. We are always at the forefront of textile innovation. With the help of this state of art technology and craftsmanship, we are able to produce high quality premium apparel for multiple teams and clubs across the globe.


Heinrich Cycling & Sportswear, India & TexMarket, Italy.
Heinrich Cycling & Sportswear was started in 2009 with the motto “Your Design is Delivered”. It has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality customised garments for a wide range of sports and activities. We are one of the biggest private label clothing manufacturers in Asia and our aim is to satisfy all customer requests by creating 100% custom designs and by offering excellent and outstanding customer service.
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TEXmarket is one of the leading producers of cycling apparel and also produces personalised apparel for running, winter sports, triathlon and various team sports such as soccer, basketball, handball etc. Every year more than 7,000 bike, triathlon and running teams trust us. We are striving to gain even more ground in team sports such as soccer, handball, etc. 
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