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Digital Entrepreneur Olga Kirillova talks about MettaStartup Studio
February 28, 2024
In this inspiring episode of "Invest In Yourself: the Digital Entrepreneur Podcast," host Phil Better sits down with Olga Kirillova, the visionary behind the burgeoning mettaCOmpany, to discuss her remarkable transition from corporate burnout to digital coaching success. With a background managing billion-dollar businesses and over a decade in marketing and strategy, Olga takes us on her quest for fulfillment that led her out of the high-stress world of giant corporations like Adidas and Wayfair, into the empowering realm of entrepreneurship. Experience the candid revelations as Olga exposes the realities of corporate dissatisfaction, how she harnessed her expertise to create a consistent $6,000 monthly revenue, and why she believes no one's aim is merely for a business but a lifestyle they love. Discover the transformative power of integrating neuroscience into coaching, how Olga navigated the financial challenges during her pregnancy, and why starting with a side hustle can be the key to a proper transition into full-time entrepreneurship. Phil Better praises Olga for her innovative approach to her coaching business and her transparent discussion on the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey. As Olga passionately explains, her mission is more than income; it's about instilling freedom and flexibility within her clients - a theme that resounds throughout the podcast. Are you looking to reshape your professional life and achieve that profound connection with your work? Ready to be empowered by Olga's insights into overcoming anxiety, executing decisions, and building a digital business from the ground up without conventional tools like a website or an expansive social media following? Look no further. For those transitioning from a corporate background or diving headfirst into founding their first business, "Digital Entrepreneur Olga Kirillova talks about mettaCOmpany" provides motivational anecdotes and actionable advice. Visit the episode and see how investing in yourself, like Olga, can redefine your professional path and lead you to the entrepreneurial lifestyle you desire. Tune in now, because as Phil Better reminds us, your most crucial investment is in yourself.
In this episode, we have Olga Kirillova from mettaCOmpany.  

We have a conversation about 1. neuroscience of change (what happens in the human brain when we're trying to make changes)
2. what to focus on when starting a lifestyle business. 

Olga Kirillova shares their journey with you so you can start yours today! 

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Always Remember to Invest In Yourself

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I spent over a decade in business across Marketing, Business Strategy, E-commerce and sales.

And to be honest, I did well. I headed up teams and managed up to $2bn businesses within the likes of Adidas and Wayfair. 

But regardless of how "successful" I was in the office, that's not what I wanted from life. 

I just wanted to have more time for my partner and our daughter. We wanted a second child but couldn’t get pregnant for almost 2 years because of burnout and anxiety. Nearly every vacation and Christmas break, we would get sick. 

I couldn’t take any more of that meaningless shit I was doing at work. So I quit. And spend all my savings on a coaching study.

Together with my partner, we started our own coaching business in 2020. In the middle of a global pandemic, with 2 kids at home and no support. 

In 15 months, we grew this business to a consistent 6K months. Without a website. No email list. And with 400 followers on Instagram. 

Yep, not “6-figures in 2 months” or whatever the Wild West of the internet offers these days. But with 8 months of the year spent travelling with our kids, flexible schedules, and the highest energy we ever had. 

We discovered a different path. And, well, it's easier than you think to take it.


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Your host, Phil Better, has guests from different parts of the internet who have either created a fully functioning digital business or are just starting on their digital entrepreneur journey while conversing with them to learn how they did it or some lessons they learned to help them succeed!

Join him on this fantastic podcast on his journey to learn from some of the individuals who created the life he always wanted to have from his youth! 

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