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#109: How to LIVE a Legacy… Instead of LEAVE A Legacy w/ Scott Danner
November 22, 2022
One day, you will die. What will people say for your eulogy? Today’s guest is an epic human and friend of mine that will help YOU to live a more meaningful life starting today. Scott Danner is firstly a family man. He’s been married for 18+ years and has two boys… He’s got a huge heart, and has helped raise 2.7M+ for charity by producing events… And he’s also the co-founder of Freedom Street Partners as a financial advisor where he’s grown from zero to $3+ billion in assets under management < 5 years Even though Scott comes from the finance world, we spend ZERO time talking about finances, and 100% of the episode is focused on how YOU can live a full and meaningful life. To find out more about Scott, go to