Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Mia Action - "From Jersey with Blood"
June 21, 2022
From New Jersey comes this powerful dominatrix and educator who has been part of the alt-s#x community since 2017. It's Mia Action telling the story of how teaching is in her blood and how blood brings her happiness within a scene. She sits down with @HiThereCatsuiit for an intense interview.
Mia Action is a professional Dominatrix, lifestyle sadomasochist and alternative sexuality consultant based in Philadelphia and South New Jersey. Mia has been formally involved in the alt sex community since 2017, but has been drawn to the margins of desire from a young age. While her class roster is varied, she has a particular predilection for discussing sadomasochism of all kinds, power exchange, and the psychology of BDSM. Mia is also passionate about educating the public on kink literacy and sex work.