True Talk Cafe Podcast
S2 Ep. 3 - Disruptive Women
April 4, 2023
Today’s conversation is all about the Disruptive Women. We’re going to discuss how women are disrupting all industries with thinking that is so different from the status quo that it completely revolutionizes the sphere in which it operates. Now, let’s start today’s conversation!
Welcome to the True Talk Café Podcast S2 Ep. 3 - Disruptive Women

Challenging the status quo is how change is made. And despite the inherent risk that comes with pushing boundaries, countless women have shown us that doing so has the power to transform the world forever. 

Women’s disruptive work is pushing past “the way things have always been” to create a future that is more impactful, more sustainable, and more inclusive for everyone. At the core of the work they do is bravery—bravery to critically look at their industry and say, “We can do better.”

In summary, there are leaders and then there are true disruptive leaders. Disruptive leaders understand and see the world in a different light than others – adapting their businesses and mindsets to create new solutions.

Show agenda:

Women have worked their way through the ranks of the professional world to represent well over half of the US workforce. Yet, they continue to hold a vastly smaller percentage of leadership positions than men in various sectors.


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