Safety FM with Jay Allen
624 - Laurin Mooney
June 4, 2024
Welcome to a special episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring Laurin Mooney, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. Laurin Mooney is an innovator and thought leader, best known for developing the "speaking IN®" strategy, a revolutionary approach for leaders who recognize that traditional "speaking up" methods are ineffective and often leave teams feeling powerless to learn. In this episode, Laurin shares her expertise on creating conditions that enable individuals and organizations to thrive. Her "speaking IN®" strategy equips leaders with the keys to unlock learning, fostering an environment where it’s always safe and worthwhile to speak, and where leaders truly listen. A former Emergency Department Nurse and Hospital Supervisor, Laurin witnessed firsthand how uncertainty and unexpected events impact outcomes. This experience led her to High Reliability Organizing (HRO), where she translated complex principles into 9 practical questions that make HRO understandable and actionable for beginners. Throughout this engaging conversation, Laurin emphasizes the importance of changing the conversation first to make every other aspect of organizational safety and reliability easier. She provides actionable insights on how leaders can create a culture of psychological safety and continuous learning. Tune into this episode to explore Laurin’s innovative approaches and discover how the right conversations can transform your organization. Whether you're a seasoned leader or new to High Reliability Organizing, Laurin's strategies will help you create a more resilient and high-performing team. Join us on Safety FM with Jay Allen for this enlightening discussion that promises to change the way you think about leadership, communication, and organizational safety.