Million Dollar Mastermind with Larry Weidel
Episode #690 - It’s All About Controlled Risk with Kurt Uhlir, VP of Marketing at eXp World Holdings
September 5, 2023
This week on the Million Dollar Mastermind podcast, host Larry Weidel is joined by Kurt Uhlir, a globally-recognized marketer, operator, and speaker. He is the Vice President of Marketing & Operations at eXp World Holdings, and is also a Managing Partner & Founder at Ethereal Innovations Inc.
Together, they get to the heart of what it’s like being an entrepreneur and the real struggles that come with it, as well as what steps you need to go through to succeed. How did Kurt do it? How did he manage to get into the world of ecommerce at such a young age with such an interesting niche? He claims it’s all to do with testing what does and doesn’t work in marketing, and once you’ve figured it out, it’ll be a much smoother ride from there.

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