She Leads She Thrives
Ep28 - An ethical and well-being wakeup; prioritising what truly matters w/ Susi Martin (Kaeufer)
March 30, 2023
In today's episode, Shannon chats with fellow coach Susi Martin (nee Kaeufer) about navigating both a personal and business evolution and waking up to a realisation that the coaching industry wasn't all it made itself to be. Susi shares her awakening to some of the not so ethical practices in the business and coaching space and how she recognised the need to do things differently for her own well-being, particularly from a mental health perspective. Susi and Shannon chat through personal examples of business and coaching practices that are in need of change. This vibrant conversation will inspire you to reflect on what's really important and possibly even motivate you to make some changes to prioritise things in your business and life. She Leads She Thrives, the podcast for ambitious, ingenious souls hosted by Shannon Dunn of Thrive Factor Co. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode.
In this episode you will hear Shannon and Susi chat about the following topics;

7:12 Learning to do less and run your business less.
16:25 Breathwork and how it works.
26:55 Ethical coaching
32:57 The trend to show earnings online.
39:33 Don’t tell a client what they should do.
42:17 The contract that threw Susi.
48:09 Trauma informed vs trauma aware.
56:12 How can you protect and create a safe space?

Connect with Susi here;


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