The Practice of Learning Teams
Crikey! It's Rob Fisher Live at the Brisbane Safety Differently Bookclub
March 23, 2023
Welcome to Season 4 and the 89th episode of the podcast series.
Hi Safety FM listeners, this is Brent Sutton, the host of the podcast series The Practice of Learning Teams.

On today's podcast, we do something completely different. In February this year, Brent Robinson and I organised a series of community events across New Zealand and Australia with Rob Fisher from Fisher Improvement Technologies.

This is the live recording of that session at the Brisbane Safety Differently book club.

Big thanks to Josh Bryant and Stephen Harvey for all their hard work and effort in supporting and growing the "Do Safety Differently" Community in Queensland, Australia. And Jeffery Lyth who created this approach of building a community with Safety Differently.

Josh was the cinematographer and sound engineer for the night, Stephen was MC, and Rob Fisher was simply outstanding. He demonstrated his deep knowledge, passion and care for all things HOP and is also very, very funny.

So please sit back and enjoy this episode with MC Stephen Harvey and special guest Rob Fisher.

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