How To Start A Podcast
How To Start A Podcast From Home
May 26, 2021
This episode shares how to start a podcast from home...
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How to start a podcast from home. And I think if we were talking about this topic, like two years ago, it would be a much harder topic to do. Because previously many podcasts would meet the guests in person, the remote technology with not as good laterals wander those screens weren't as good. But now after the pandemic, starting a podcast from home is extremely easy.

And in this episode, I'm going to break down exactly what you need to do, what you need to know and what equipment. You will need. So first off, let's start with hardware. So you obviously need a laptop. I'm assuming if you listened to this, you probably have a laptop. You can do this on a mobile based, just so much easier on a laptop.

So you need a laptop first. You, then you don't necessarily need a good mic and external mic because you can use your hands free on the headphones. You can use the mic on your webcam or your laptop, but the audio quality is going to be poor. So we recommend the blue Yeti, which is about a hundred dollars.

I'm using it right now. Really easy to use. Great phone quality. So the second thing is a microphone. If you have a laptop, And if you have a good internet connection, and if you have a microphone, you can, that's basically, you're basically there, let's go into some more advanced topics now. So we also need, uh, a mechanism to speak to our guests.

Now we recommend that she just recording on zoom. It's free under 40 minute calls. Everybody now knows how to use it. The video and audio is always great. So we recommend recording episodes on zoom, but at the same time, we also recommend recording episodes, recording the audio for you locally on your machine on or Udacity, totally free software.

Very easy to use. So you record both on zoom and audacity, so you get great quality for your audio, but you also don't make it hard for the guests, uh, trying to get them to use some complex tour. So you've got the laptop. You've got the mic. You've got a DASSI, you've got the theme. You've got a good internet connection.

That's basically all you need. Now. Of course, you need to go and find guests. You need a topic to talk about. We use Calendly to book and guests, so we'll go out to LinkedIn to find gas. We'll get referrals from old guests. We'll send them a link to Calendly a book into our calendar that integrates with zoom.

So that the zoom link is added automatically into the calendar invite. So you just jump on the calendar. Like when it's time for the episode, after the episode, we then upload all our stuff to Google drive. Uh, our whole, we have an agency equal fame. The whole thing is remote. We, all of our clients, we run 18 podcasts for clients, big businesses, small businesses, none of the assets have ever been in-person.

So it's all remote. Everything's done from home. And this is the beauty of the internet. And the podcasting world today is you can be completely remote. You can do everything from home and the podcasts can sound as professional as that would be in a podcast studio. Yeah, just a final note on that. You get better.

The audio, if you're in a small room with soft walls, that's essentially what a podcast do you do is they have great mix. The rooms are small and they have soft. So if you can record in a room that has. It is small and as soft rock walls, you're going to get better sound quality so you can even record and your cupboard has softballs cause it's probably close and it's probably quite small.

That will get you better sound quality. But again, that's kind of advanced stuff. As long as you have a blue Yeti, you have a laptop, you have a good internet connection. You're going to be able to create great audio content. That is all for this episode on how to start a podcast from home. Thank you so much for listening.