Can your customers find your emails?
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Can your customers find your emails?
July 14, 2021
In this episode, we talk about a hidden search engine that most people forget.
All right today, I'm gonna share a game changer technique that we actually developed today in our company that I don't think many people are doing. I'm sure there's some other people that are doing this because ideas are not exclusive, but I definitely have not seen any content on it because I searched and I looked and I could not find anything. 

And what we're going to share with you today is a new form of search engine optimization and it's kind of a hidden search engine that most people forget. And that search engine is a search engine that sits in people's inboxes, in their Gmail inboxes or Outlook, whatever they're using most of the time they're probably using Gmail though. The epiphany that I had for me to come to this realization that we need to have email SEO or email search engine optimization is I actually had a few conversations with a few different accountants and this was a couple of months ago and they actually stopped emailing me because they stopped emailing me. 

I totally forgot about them. But then something happened where I realized that, oh, I need this person's help and I wanted to go reach out and I was having the toughest time finding this person's emails and I was looking up the words tax, accountant, and none of these words were pulling up this guy's emails, I was super frustrated and I thought about it and I was like, only if this guy actually used his key words inside of his emails, then I can pull up his emails and I can still find him. 

So even though he stopped emailing me, which he should really be emailing me every single day to stay in my face. But he stopped emailing me, I couldn't remember his name, couldn't figure out how to find him. And now he's like lost in the sauce. But if he had used email search engine optimization, so what I mean by this is using keywords in your signature. So for me, for example, actually got rid of any kind of fancy signatures that I've always had now have an all-text signature, and believe it or not, I actually got this idea from finding a different accountant in my email search engine box and they saw that he had an all-text signature and I was like, oh, this is so simple and it has all those keywords right in there, I'm gonna start doing this for sure. 

So now in my email signature, I have information about my podcast with the names of every single one of my podcasts. So that's something that people search for they can find it. I have keywords such as Startup mentor accelerator, vertical lift-off, VLO, investor funding. All of these different keywords. So when people do start searching for this stuff and they say, oh, who was that vertical startup guy again? They go into their email and they search vertical startup and boom there. My email signature pops up. They see all my emails and they're able to get a hold of me. Right? So this is pretty cool. And maybe if you wanted to actually game it a little bit more, you can start using keywords that are complementary products. Right? 

So maybe they're not looking for an accelerator program. Maybe they're looking for an M. B. A. Entrepreneurship program that they looked up a few months ago and now they want to get more information on it. Well, if you have an M. B. A. in entrepreneurship, then you could probably put that somewhere in your email, at least in one of the emails that you send during the welcome email chain. And that will pop up. 

So email search engine optimization is where it's at. First, we had search engine optimization, and then now we are moving towards voice search optimization. So if you look at all my blogs, you will notice that all my headers are unquestioned format because I am anticipating that people will just ask Alexa or their Google homes to ask questions like, hey, what is the startup accelerator? And then my content is already formatted for votes to be optimized for voice search. So Google will hopefully just feed that content. 

I haven't figured out exactly how to make sure that google feeds it, but I am at least I know I'm doing the right steps for me to be able to take advantage of this future trend that's happening. And now email search engine optimization, Go look at your email signature. Does it have information on your company? What is the purpose of your email signature? Does it meet its objectives? Does it have a call to action? Does it have all the keywords you need for you to be found? I hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom, bam. I'm out. 

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