Dating Kinky
So, you want a consensual non-consent relationship?
July 4, 2022
A big part of CNC is developing the trust that you both ultimately want the same sorts of things from your kink and personal lives.

Or maybe you just want a relationship where your partner is there to help push you beyond your limits, expand your comfort zone, and share experiences with you that you would never choose for yourself, but that you would love to have, with the right person...


I 100% support your desire. 

And I'd love to give you some suggestions for getting it right. 

Because to me, there are a lot of ways of getting it wrong, and getting CNC (consensual non-consent) wrong can be at best a really fucked up situation, and at worst pretty serious abuse and harm. 

And we don't want that. 

So, I'm going to share what I know about CNC, from talking to people who have lived happily in CNC relationships for 5+ years. 

1. Start with consent. 

Not just average consent, which is often not really consent much at all, but actual, mindful consent. 

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