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234. You Have to CHECK OUT - HOUSE OF BIKES | Alex Tractor
May 30, 2022
Meet Alex Tractor, he started out loving and racing Motorcycles, and motocross which lead his passion for all things bikes to opening up a small Bike shop-HOUSE OF BIKES, selling new and refurbishing used bicycles. And I'm Loving the #Teamorange it's just the best cycling color!

House of Bikes™ is a proud sponsor of the
Ottawa Mountain Bike Association in support of their development and maintenance of the very trails we rip all year on our MTBs and fatbikes - i.e. LaRose Forest, SMH in Kanata, etc. Thanks for all your hard work guys, it allows so many of us to enjoy this wicked hobby / obsession of ours!

🍊 Welcome to Team Orange!  We're cyclists first and foremost, we eat sleep bike repeat singletracks at LaRose Forest almost daily and work those cushy enduro and all-mountain bike suspensions through Gatineau, Kanata & MSM.  MTBing doesn't end in winter, that's what the fatbike fleet is for - and everyone is welcome to join our demo rides!  When Ottawa gets too cold, nothing like sunny getaways to Miami for some beach-side hybrid cruising! Plus, we cross-train on gravels, cyclocross and roadies, hitting up Champlain Lookout for that excruciating cardio rush; all worth it to hit 75+kph on the way back down!

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