363: Is The Body A Vehicle Of Separation?
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363: Is The Body A Vehicle Of Separation?
June 5, 2021
Aingeal Rose answers the question, is the body a vehicle of separation?

Aingeal Rose answers the questions:

  1. Is the body a vehicle of separation?
  2. Is the Body a temple?
  3. Have we reversed the truth of ourselves?
  4. Is God in our body?
  5. Is the inner or the outer the real world?
  6. How do we purify the chakra system?
  7. Are we creating from our perceptions?
  8. Why do we need forgiveness?
  9. Can we see our own darkness?
  10. How do we look within to change vice to virtue?
  11. How do we become more holy?

I’m thinking about internal versus external, and I’m realizing the body was called in the Bible, your temple. Jesus said something about our body being a holy temple. And yet in the course, it’s very easy to misinterpret what the course says about the body as a vehicle of separation. Because it isn’t a body that’s the vehicle of separation, it’s the fact that we have made the external world be the real world and the internal world basically be the unreal world. We totally reversed the truth.

It’s not the body itself... the internal world is contained in the body. God is literally contained in the body, and this is where you discover God is inside your own nature. But when you look out and you think that the outer world is the real world, and then you, not only that, in terms of purifying the chakra system, the vices and virtues that we used to hear about religions, there is some truth to that. The seven deadly sins and all of that.

And what that is, is that we project outside ourselves, those are the vices. We blame other people for things. We blame the external world for stuff, as opposed to taking responsibility because we are creating from our perceptions. And it’s really something going on within us that needs forgiveness, forgiveness being the same as transformation. When we can look within and see our own shadow self, or our own darkness, or the part that wants to project blame outside ourselves and make somebody else guilty.

We can realize we’re doing that and instead look within and see what’s really going on with ourselves and make a different choice. That’s when you change vices to virtues. That’s when you become more and more holy. That’s what it’s all about.