Sit, Breathe, Bow
Myozen Joan Amaral
February 2, 2021
There is a process of growing into our roles as students and as teachers. There is a discipline but also a willingness to play and even provoke as we find a way to live within the tradition and to make it a home of our own.
Myozen Joan Amaral is the founder and guiding teacher of the Zen Center North Shore in Beverly MA. Her initial interest in zazen grew out of her background in modern dance and she continues to examine how we can embody the teachings more deeply. She trained at Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery for six years and lived as a resident at the San Francisco Zen Center. Her primary focus is an exploration of the dynamic relationship between formal practice and the everyday, messy human life with a deep commitment to social justice. Myozen was given permission to teach by Zenkei Blanche Hartman in 2012.

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