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3. Bobby's Bikes: How one guy has been giving out FREE REFURBISHED KIDS BIKES to his community
December 15, 2020
In this episode, you will learn about Robert Toney. Bobby has been giving out FREE REFURBISHED KIDS bikes to his community in his daughter’s memory. Watch the interview LIVE on Youtube:
Who is Bobby Toney?

By Michelle Rauscher Is an amazing Assistant and friend, who runs the social media site, so Bobby Can focus on his passion.

 I most likely found Robert Toney the same way you did. Scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon a post about a man who was taking old discarded bicycles out of the garbage, & refurbishing them. He would then give them away to deserving children. At first, I thought what a beautiful idea, so I did a little research on Mr. Toney & this is what I found out....

When I Googled Robert Toney, I started to learn a lot about this guy. He was friends with 2x World Boxing Champion Rocky Lockridge. I don't know much about boxing, but Lockridge is in the NJ Boxing Hall of Fame with a record of 44 wins & 36 knockouts, so his record is pretty impressive. Mr. Toney helped Rocky get off the streets & beat drug addiction in 2009. His heroic feat was aired on A&E's Intervention in 2010. In return, Lockridge then trained Mr. Toney to box. I had a difficult time finding the entire episode online, but I had the chance to view some very emotional clips of it. The show sent Rocky away to Louisiana for rehabilitation, where he was able to get clean & sober.

Bobby stayed in New Jersey & used the boxing skills he learned from Lockridge to train children for free. He retired from being a boxing trainer after about eight years. Bobby then went on to help his friend Michael Africa get his mom & dad out of prison after they had been imprisoned unjustly for 40 years. Currently, Bobby is working on his project to refurbish bicycles & gift them to children.

I thought, what a great guy to take his personal time to help youngsters. He seemed to be a very caring individual. I wanted to support the cause, so I started liking & sharing some of his posts. A couple of days later, I saw a post on his page that asked if any ladies would be interested in taking a picture in one of his newly printed t-shirts to support the cause. I really didn't have any money to donate, so I thought this could be a helpful thing to do. I had recently been feeling the need to do something more meaningful with my time.

Through our online conversation, I discovered how passionate he was about his project. I was happy to help, so I agreed to do the T-shirt Gig. If that was all I had to contribute, at least it was something. He started to tell me about other ideas he had about future related projects. He explained to me that he worked two jobs & spent his time off working on the bikes. He really needed someone to help him take care of the things that he didn't have the time or availability to take care of. Mr. Toney & I met before the T-shirt event, & I agreed to assist him in his project at that time.


Currently, he is attempting to put together a Christmas bike giveaway. It is with great pleasure that I was able to have such an incredible human on my podcast.
 I’m hoping to be able to bring awareness to his cause and vision.
 Please join me in donating and sharing these links.
 He needs help to reach his goal of $5000, so he can hand out bikes to kids this Christmas.


Places to DONATE:
 Goal: $5000
 Currently: $3800

Go FUND Me – Help me help bobby

Cash App - $JSB Bikes$JSBBikes

Send a Cheque

Robert Toney
 PO Box 274
 686 W. Cuthbert Blvd
 Westmont NJ 08108
PAYPAL - Bobbybikes

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