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Using Facebook Ads To Dominate Amazon – Yev Marusenko (Part 2)
August 13, 2019
Seller Roundtable Episode 20 with Yev Marusenko Part 1 We talk with Yev Marusenko on how to use Facebook ads and retargeting to take your Amazon business to the next level. (Part 2)
Things we discussed in the episode:

Clip 1 Yev Introduction
Clip 2 Start SaaS
Clip 3 Previous Job
Clip 4 Changes
Clip 5 Amazon Attribution
Clip 6 Market Strategy
Clip 7 Campaign
Clip 8 Facebook Ads Tracker
Clip 9 Tracking Conversion
Clip 10 Customer Journey
Clip 11 Seller Lack of Knowledge
Clip 12 Conversion When Warmed Up
Clip 13 Tips and Recommendation
Clip 14 Personal Challenges
Clip 15 Yev Contact Details

Things we mention in episode 20 of SRT:
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Facebook Business:
Google Ads:
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