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YET ANOTHER reason I hate the concept of "compromise."
March 25, 2022
If I care more about how toilet paper is rolled than my partner's happiness, I'm an asshole.
I have written a lot about compromise. 

Many people believe it is the key to a good relationship. I think that's malarkey. 

And I've said so in numerous ways over time. 

And most people disagree with me. That's OK. I'm not out to convince anyone, really. I mean, why would I care what you do in your relationships? 

Actually, I do, a bit. Because I believe that when people have better relationships, they are happier people, and happier people makes the world a better place overall. 

But that's where it ends. 

If you compromise in your relationships AND you're deliriously happy, well, then completely effing ignore me, because you've found your path. 

If not, though, well, I do love offering you relationship food for thought. If I inspire you (or anyone, really) to stop and think about other ways of doing things—even if you ultimately reject my way—I'm good.

So, for what it's worth, today I thought of yet another way of explaining what I mean when I say, "Fuck NO, I Will NOT Compromise!" 

Here it is:

> When there is a conflict in a relationship, it is not ME vs. YOU. It's ME AND YOU vs. THE PROBLEM. 

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