Find Your Flow Podcast
Find Your Flow - ‘Tis the Season
February 19, 2022
‘‘Tis the Season! This episode was recorded in December 2018. This podcast started December 2015 and I am publishing it February 2022. I love the winter time. Winter here in Texas is a bit more extreme than it was in Southern California. For years my family And I would go to Utah skiing or snowboarding during the winter. We had a timeshare there and I have many fond memories. I launched this podcast while in Park city Utah One year on vacation. It was something I kind of dreamed about and one night sat down and worked all through the night to figure out the technology to make it happen. I was very excited and it has been a passion ever since. The podcast has been going for over six years now and we are coming up on I don’t know how many downloads. But just since March 2021 coming up on one year from that date we are at almost 100,000 downloads! One reason I love the holidays and the winter season is that it makes me feel cozy and fortunate for the people and things I have in my life. As I sit here writing this introduction I am looking out my window and enjoying the view of a real stream in our backyard. This is a dream come true. I am taking in the view of nature and the birds that fly by and the fact that there are no leaves on any of the trees. It did snow here for a couple days and it was really special. It had rained the night before and all the trees had frozen and as the wind blew you could hear what sounded by crystal wind chimes as the trees swayed. The sun would peek through the clouds and shine through the icicle trees and make hundreds of beautiful rainbow gems. I tried to take a picture with my phone but couldn’t quite get the sparkle rainbows. I took a picture of the creek and the snow and I used it as the artwork for this episode. I hope you enjoy it.