Profitable Passions
Tech overwhelm & RV living with Tracie Shroyer
October 23, 2020
While living the ultimate nomad RV lifestyle for several years, Tracie has a unique perspective of "working from home" and building a business while "on the road". Going simple has given Tracie the advantage of making things work when others can't. Tracie helps women launch their courses and membership programs with her business, Launch Tech Made Easy. She discusses the most common mistake she sees is struggling too long on their own with the tech part of launching. They know they're smart in other areas and that they should be able to figure this all out, but the reality is, online tech and setting all the pieces up for a launch is like nothing anyone has done before. It would be like a best-selling author expecting to get into the cockpit of a plane and being surprised when they couldn't immediately fly. Then the tendency is to sideline their efforts by the tech involved, and never fully launch and get off the ground.