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#60: This ONE Shift Will Help You Immediately Unlock More Happiness, Confidence, and Success... w/ Dr. Benjamin Hardy
December 14, 2021
His blogs have been read by over 100 million people… For several years, he was the #1 most-read reader on… He’s written 4 INCREDIBLE books that have all impacted my life personally… AND he and his wife, Lauren, have six kids! That’s right: Today’s guest is Dr. Benjamin Hardy. In this episode, you’ll learn… 1) How Ben went from playing World of Warcraft for thousands of hours and living on his cousin’s couch… to doing all the incredible stuff above 2) The ONE concept (The Gap and The Gain) that sums up everything that psychologists know about how to create a high-functioning and successful person… 3) How to use “Mental Subtraction”, “The Experience Transformer” and “Pre-Suasion” exercises to increase your happiness and fulfillment as a leader Enjoy!