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The Incalculable Benefits of Servant Leadership w/ Dave Sackett
October 26, 2021
The term “servant leadership” has emerged in the last couple of years, but the core ideas that make up servant leadership—empathy, empowerment, sharing responsibility—have been around for awhile. Due to the strain on the workforce caused by the pandemic, servant leadership is becoming more prevalent. Leading with empathy and giving employees more ownership over their work is becoming the norm, rather than an outlier. Dave Sackett, Chief Solutions Architect at Visibility Corporation, joins the show to explain servant leadership, its benefits, and how it makes us better leaders. In this episode, we discuss: - The core philosophy behind servant leadership - Why it’s not being taught on a wider scale - How to become a servant leader - The benefits and downsides of servant leadership For more interviews from the CFO Weekly podcast, check us out on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite podcast player! Presented by Personiv
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