The Self-Obligated Mindset: A conversation with Bryan S. Arnold
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
The Self-Obligated Mindset: A conversation with Bryan S. Arnold
October 11, 2021
In this week's episode, Sheldon speaks to Bryan S. Arnold host of "The Authority Project" livestream show and podcast about his new book "Change for Good" and about how your would get an obligated mindset. Obligated to whom? Well, that would be to "you"! He gives us how to visualize and take action for success using his "WRAP" system. Bryan Arnold is a writer, productivity coach & podcast host who ironically absolutely loves TV & Films. It’s not the norm but he teaches creators & solopreneurs how they can produce at a high clip and still enjoy life as they know it! Bryan is currently finishing his new book, “Changed for Good” that delves into developing permanent change by optimizing your daily work. And his podcast, The Authority Project helps digital marketers, coaches, consultants & creators build authority in their niche. Bryan’s life mission is to help entrepreneurs become obligated to finish their daily and weekly tasks ultimately achieving the results they truly desire.
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[00:00:12] spk_0: hmm. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I am your whole Sheldon promise is to show where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant and today we have a special guest, BRian S Arnold was actually on his show about last year at this time and I wanted to have him on the show because I know he's very prolific if you will about videos and inter viewings and on his show which is called the authority project and truly I have just admired his work ethic and just as simple ability to break things down in such an easy to understand the digestible way so that you could have action and actually goes to go do stuff. So we had a great conversation, we flowed pretty much through a lot of things. He told me about his rap formula and that is so that you could see and visualize what success looks like to you. So we we tuttle about a whole bunch of stuff, so enjoy chat with you a little when we get done brian S Arnold, I

[00:01:31] spk_1: think I can sum it up, I don't know something maybe right now for one word, like just positioning, positioning is that I think that's my one word for you today, for people who are trying to start out trying to branch out into, I guess more of a personal branding type of thing. More of a a leadership role or on authoritative presence online, maybe offline to be honest, positioning. What does that mean? Are you, are you, what are you trying to position yourself to be? Yeah, it's very important when you put that, put that put that out there because it changes a lot of things of what your what your what your direction is going to be. So if you if you if you really want to do that, what does that look like, then you have the question, what does, what does that look like? You know, I'm saying, what does it look like? You have to I mean you have to go on live streaming, do you have to do ongoing podcast? Do you have to go on stage is, you know, what does that really look like? Are you ready for that? Do you have that energy? You know, you know, you have to put all of that into perspective when you're doing this and being consistent as much as possible, Can you put that into your schedule? Because when you start to put that into your schedule now, something eventually it's gonna have to be like, OK, I can't do this anymore. That's what position is all about. Like I'm positioning myself to be this person. So eventually all that extra stuff that you were doing, you know, you know that you had had time for me and I have, I have time for that anymore.

[00:03:07] spk_0: I just feel like the thought just came home, I hope I don't break your heart too much. But the thing that just came to me as you're saying that the position which I 100% believe in and I see that, do you think that when your position yourself, that is probably after something, like some sort of catalyst, some sort of driver or something, and then that sparks something in you that says I want to get here. And then the positioning starts,

[00:03:37] spk_1: um I think it starts from from the beginning, be honest, because when you're producing yourself, you're you're you're putting putting out a vision and then I say, I say, you're looking at this vision, you're looking at this vision. You're you're wondering about what this is. You know, how can I how can I get this done? And I have a little acronym that I use called rap, but I'm just putting this together. So you wonder about it, This is just a violation part. You wonder, you know, what does you know again, what does this look like? What does, what how can I put this together? And then, and then you start to like, write it down. So that's the first part w something, write it down, write these things down right, left these things out in in in in the order or what you think this might might look like. Sometimes people, you know, let's not to wing it and that's not what you want, that's the wrong w and you're just like, let's try, just try what we'll see what happens. No right out everything that you think Because because a lot of people put in their mind, I'm just gonna be a lot of work. Okay, well, let's see what it looks like before you say that. So you have to position yourself from beginning, not just because I don't really agree with, you know, just doing it, you have to look at what you're doing, okay? So and cross the cross those those those those eyes and those, you know, crossed everything off on that list and saying, wow, okay, I actually did everything, I imagine this to be, you know, I wrote everything down, it's like, this is and I'm here, I position myself from beginning, so that's the answer to your first question, I think with that it has to be from beginning.

[00:05:21] spk_0: Absolutely. So there's intention with that, right? And it seems like there's a lot of visualization to so along the way, as you're talking, I'm thinking in order to sustain where you're you're actually positioning yourself, you might have to visualize what it looks like at the end. It's that fair to say,

[00:05:43] spk_1: right? Exactly, exactly. That's the first part and I think everybody does that, but I don't think everybody goes to the steps that we actually writing things down in writing what, you know, right? Writing things now and really charging each step like this is what is going to have to take,

[00:06:00] spk_0: you know, to get there. So I

[00:06:02] spk_1: think that's the first step of

[00:06:03] spk_0: all of that, That was w where's the other three aren't we?

[00:06:08] spk_1: Rapping? Rapping is our our is um you know read all about it. You know research because you can have you can have all these different things in your mind, you don't know what you're doing yet you know? So I say this before you start you know to try to invest in somebody's training or or what have you or or or doing you know investing so much money and then somebody like I'm gonna I'm gonna buy this course whatever. Start reading about it. Start start researching on your own and getting into the into the into the emotions okay like okay this is the steps now now if I want to invest in somebody else later on and get more advanced work. Yes. But I just feel like you have you have to get into like reading researching on your own and figuring out like okay what does this look like in the eyes of some of the people um when I've done this and so really get involved in that and so that you're into it. Not not so much that you're that you're not doing anything else but along the path. Like okay I have a foundation of what this really kind of looks like in in um for somebody who's already done it, that kind of thing

[00:07:26] spk_0: and from what I'm hearing that research is is going to be in all different ways. Sometimes it may look like you're talking to people such as that, I've done it before, such as like a mentor or something and then literally going through and and seeing what the day to day life of someone who is being a consultant or being someone that you want to do and that kind of research as well as figuring out the, I would say the nuts and bolts of where you're, you're going as well. Exactly. So it's everything. It's ballistic, then

[00:07:57] spk_1: write a list of things. Yes. So yes, so you have your, you have your, what you, I feel like Philip what it looks like and then, okay, now add to that from somebody who's actually already done it, you know, who's actually already been there and so that enhances what you thought, you know, there could be and maybe maybe that maybe that helps your journey and maybe expedites what you, what you thought was going to be so much work, right? Maybe not so much, but after you've done that research.

[00:08:27] spk_0: So I guess that's kind of like uh you're addressing some of the affairs right there because once you're doing the work or uncovering what is actually going to happen, so in the back of your head, you're not thinking of the big bad wolf when you open, you know the closet and all of a sudden it's going to take you up and there goes your career, you're actually now doing the research and you're saying, hey, I can do this or I've been doing this and I'm just not getting paid. And now that you're researching it, you're actually seeing it. That's awesome. I I kind of guess I know what they would be in your ramp and I'm waiting to hear it, but I think I know

[00:09:04] spk_1: what a would be, especially

[00:09:05] spk_0: after researching

[00:09:06] spk_1: what do you got to apply it, you know, act on it. That's what I thought. So apply what you know about what you've learned and this is this is the biggest step and this is, you know what I teach, I guess, you know, action can take a take on a lot of a lot of different, different avenues, you know, and I teach about how to optimize what's your what's your, you know, that action, it's the most critical thing because I think a lot of people don't optimize it in the way uh that they can, you know, they, I think they get this, they forget, they're forgetting, shall they forget that when you're doing something for the first time, it's not going to be as great. Perfect. Yeah, as you imagined it to be right. I think we get we get lost in that moment where you think like we think we have that one person like, oh man, he did, he did it perfect the first time, you know, that that's a reality when it happened, really didn't happen. So get to the point where you're you're you're applying something and you're getting a result, getting that result and you're acting on that, acting on that result, tweaking things, acting on on that result, here's the result. May agree. Let's see how we can make that better. So that's the action I'm looking at, that's that's how that's how you're applying those things.

[00:10:34] spk_0: And I actually was thinking that that that's gotta be th because at some point with all the research and we know of the paralysis of analysis and everyone's quoted that several times. But it is so true because I for me my my gateway drug into podcasting if you will was Pat Flynn and man he is just just his his flow and knowing that from him in architecture and he didn't know anything about podcasting in his story and and he just wrapped me in and I started listening to him and went through a rabbit hole of all different people. And then I went on to Tony Robbins event and got a hold of guys like russell Branson, a few other marketers out there that I believe you you also uh they have followed him as well and after a while I was like I could do this but I don't want to step out and what if I do this, what do I do that and I had it in the brain but I couldn't get action, how do you get in that trigger what what what what takes you, trips you over to action from, from compiling all the information

[00:11:43] spk_1: I think in this is yeah, this is what it kind of takes is again how to optimize your your daily work and going from task, a particular task to turn it into a habit and then turn the habit into an obligation. So you have to make that journey where this these are the things I need to do to get to this point. So I have to do something in my daily work to try to make a habitual, so that is I'm always doing this but then somewhere in that somewhere and somewhere in that particular supposed sticker steps you have to yeah, you know really hone in on being obligated to finishing that. Yeah, and that's a whole big thing and it doesn't, it doesn't it? Mhm. It takes a while to get to that mindset I call it, I'll get it mindset which can I have something I wrote about in my book Yeah, but it takes a while to get there but once you get there, you know that if um if I'm doing 12 and three steps 12 and three every time I know that I can get to the to the to the to the to the finish line but you have to be obligated to do that, you get to the point where you're actually saying, you know what I am obligating myself to do this,

[00:13:10] spk_0: okay, that's that was literally on my tongue, right? There is an obligation to whom and you just said it to yourself to yourself and you got to hold yourself accountable is what I'm hearing there.

[00:13:22] spk_1: Yeah, it's always to yourself and I got this from uh I've got who the author was a long time ago, but he was just like, I love you may just get this, get this one this one step wrong where they're thinking that I'm doing it for the family and you know, my you know, whoever whoever it is, they're friends, whatever the community at church, whatever, you know, it always starts with you, you know, it always starts with you first. If you can get through you first where it really starts as a foundation, it can never it can't get any any further. You can't get any further. So you have to make that, get the obligation to yourself to get this done before you can, you know, wonder or worry about anyone else that you are putting out as your why

[00:14:08] spk_0: should I stay?

[00:14:09] spk_1: So yeah,

[00:14:10] spk_0: all of a sudden I got a man and marry, stick in my mind, I was a convicted man into me around. Yeah, as soon as you said that we're going right in my brain, I'm thinking, yeah, you got to look at yourself and make that change, Michael was right. All right. So we got the a what is the p

[00:14:34] spk_1: So the p is promote in position. So you can't start doing stuff without, you know, sharing. It's like as well. So when you start to apply these things, you gotta get out there and we'll get to that point where you're talking about in the beginning, you're live streaming. Your it doesn't even have to always be live streaming. I mean, maybe maybe you don't like to be in the camera. Maybe you maybe you can make, you can write articles, get on medium, starting newsletter. Put out content that way. A lot. A lot of people out there who do just that who do quite well. Uh, was a guy named James Clear who has a massive audience just by his writings. I think I've seen him maybe once or twice on Youtube. You know, he's uh, you know, he's a best selling author and he is a massive following. So, you know, there's a couple people who do that. So I don't want people think that you just have to do last year and beyond video, even though that's, you know, that's the big thing right now, if your if your gift is too right, get out there and get on medium, get out to the people with to the people that are that are wanting to, to, to read that's a medium, maybe some other blogs and get on the guest blog, that kind of thing. If you get on the social media, obviously, video is gonna be mostly it um I mean I'm trying to alternative things, Pinterest to mention is going to be obviously pictures instagram is going more more video now. It was more picture based but now it's more video but I find that meet find that medium where you're promoting yourself and you're you're showing who you are even through the process because you don't want to be like okay here, I am surprised you know, you know, you know show people showing people where you are, you are you are here and now you're there you know that's the biggest proof that can tell you can show anybody like you know he here's what I'm learning, let me show you what I've learned, you know and I can see you and then you can go to the point where you know if you're interested in more. There it is

[00:17:00] spk_0: yeah promoting,

[00:17:03] spk_1: promoting is so sharing, promoting what you are, what you're doing is so important to the whole process

[00:17:08] spk_0: in the in the realm of promotion and everything because I know you're a market demand and then also you've talked to so many people about about you know what they do and how they were is there any like common theme that you you hear about um successful marketing or successful promotion of of even yourself not even just like a campaign, but what would have been working well with the the authority that that you have been talking to over your authority project. Series

[00:17:37] spk_1: it Yeah. You know, that's a great question. But I think it's different for everybody to be honest. I think it's different for everybody because I don't want to put just one thing out there because for my guess it's been it's been different things. But I think the constant is um content being continued, continuing, you know, continuing with your content and showing your proof, showing you know that you know, your stuff that's always gonna be a magnitude. People wow, he's doing this, How did he or she do it? How did they do that? And if you're if you're showing that if you're accomplishing things, people are attracted to that, Excuse me, a quick example and I don't do this much, but maybe I'll do this later. But if you look at the top Youtubers out there, the click bait thing is is, you know, I, you know, I did, you know, I ate 2200 hamburgers. Look at me, you know, so they're showing this showing, you know, look, look, look what I did the clip. If you can just do that. Look at what I did here. I I ran up the steps to Gary videos because one time he was on at the he was at the new york opening weekend and he he was he wanted to be the first one to run up the vessel. This little display thing in new york as Hudson yards. He said, look at me. I'm gonna, I'm gonna be the first one up here. It's a little thing, but you're like, wow. He, he was, you know, just like the first one back. Yeah. So people are fascinated with people who accomplished things. Yeah. In the more that you're accomplishing things and showing people that you've done this, done this thing. You know, it's a look at all the sports sports guys out there. Lebron James and the tom Bradys of the world like, oh my gosh, Greatness. You know, seven super bowls. You know, he did that. How did you do that? You know, how does one do that?

[00:19:51] spk_0: I'm in Florida. How did he get Tampa Bay eight championship? How

[00:19:55] spk_1: did he do that? How did you do that? And that's when you get people asking that question. You have, I mean, you have now clients and customers, you know, pushing a button like, wow, okay. That's, that's somebody I want to learn from.

[00:20:16] spk_0: Yeah. And I am, you said so much there that I just want to pack one thing that I hear constantly from people who are just starting and it's, it goes to the imposter syndrome side of you, where you feel like, who am I to be the one to be the authority in this? And it seems like some in the statement you're making there just now. It seems like in some way you have to conquer that. But then it seems like you are now making it where you're your own promoter. And, and this is just the way that a normal promoter would promote someone, you're just promoting you kind of like a kind of like a third party. Uh, I don't know. It kind of came off that way to me like, like you're thinking you have to promote yourself as if this is your

[00:21:03] spk_1: job. Yes. Now there's only there's about this balance to everything. I mean, obviously you want to put out some, you know, eventually, you know, here and they put out content so people can see your work obviously. But you know, it's it's an attraction thing. It's attraction marketing, you know, you know? Yeah. Just think about the people I always told to this example all the time. Like I yeah, look, I'll watch on on instagram. This one guy who is a comedian, Tony baker, you know, he does this animal, you know, um whatchamacallit? He talks like, like the like impersonation, impersonations kind of like, like they're talking but he's talking like they're talking like for real, but like it's their mind, right? Exactly. And it's funny. It's super funny. So I'm like every time I see the scroll down like we'll see what he says. You know, it's entertainment kind of kind of thing. People are attracted two things that, you know, they entertain them and um, or things that they really want to learn from them to improve themselves and make them better. So you have to find a way to show people to, to have people be attracted to you in some, in the sunlight because if they're not, it's just like you're, you know, it's just like you're meeting somebody like you're dating, you find some person that you, that you like the first thing that you look at, The thing is that in my attracted to this person is this, you know, so you have to bring about something that attracts people to you. So what is that, What is that Sheldon? That's right. That's right. What, what is that? What is that? What, what is different than what someone else has done?

[00:22:57] spk_0: Yeah. You know, on the way you hold your eye to the laughed, what is

[00:23:03] spk_1: it, why would, why would somebody follow you? Maybe it's a question, maybe it's a question for your audience. Like why? Why should I follow you?

[00:23:13] spk_0: Yeah. And you always fall down to, what solution are you going to provide for me? And then it becomes even worse because now you're providing a solution at that particular moment for that person. But what's really good about that is if you're doing something that is going to be posted online or youtube or blogs, it's there for a long time. I've got articles that I keep telling people, Hey, I used to go straight for a lot of people. So I like what you're saying. So they're even all these great safety articles and here I am ghost writing but uh, I used to just tell them truly like quite honestly. Yeah, it doesn't, it doesn't matter to me as far as who gets the credit in any way. I just have to make sure I'm honing my skills was trying to stay sharp and then the authority comes later on when now I start getting enough or I'm putting in my own stuff and I started doing my own business and then it starts branching out from there. Uh tell us about the authority project too. And I know you said you're about to switch it up a little bit but you don't have to get into that part. But just just see the concept that you had with that when you started your podcasting and live streaming.

[00:24:30] spk_1: Yeah, it's a, it's a, it's a podcast but I have people guess on who have built up a true authority in their field and their market and they get on their, we show we talk a little bit about, you know, maybe their personal side a little bit and then we get into the greedy greedy of a blueprint of how you know this year, a little bit about, you know, a blueprint of what you know they do and how you can maybe mimic their success. So you kind of wrapped up now and about a half an hour of time and it's been really, really great just having these conversations with these guests and seeing seeing similarities in, you know, some of the things that you think are necessary all the time and they're not, I have a question on the only podcast that says like you know what is what is your daily routine and of course everybody thinks about every everybody, if they talked about you know the morning, you know, like you know the morning, but every guess that comes on here, everybody is not like gung ho in that morning team, you know, you know, there's something that you know, you know on point with that, but there are some people who get up at, You know at a regular time, 8:00 and do just fine, so um I think just going off of that, like I think the common denominator to all those guesses that they are doing something daily on in their work to to make sure that, you know, their business businesses are going strong, that they're branding is on point and so forth. They're doing content every day there prospecting every day, those kind of things, taking care of their clients every day, so it's constant, it may not always be the same and some of them are working on their morning routine, some some love them wondering just where they are, you know, some meditate, some don't, but you, you, you and you have to find your own way of being, you know going on being successful in whatever you, whatever you do, this is what this is why you see a lot of advertisements, if you've been on instagram and facebook and they all say something like this shouting like please, you don't need, you don't need live streaming. You don't need, you don't need uh, you don't need weaponize, You don't need an email list. You don't need this. You don't need it pretty soon. You don't need anything. You need something, but you need something. You need something to build a business. It's just that and they're not wrong. It's just that they've all found out their own way of doing it. Somebody loves doing webinars and it works for them. Somebody does not, someone loves doing it through email lists. People, some people just don't have an email list. They don't, they don't deal with it that way. So you have to find really works for you and still obligated adapt to really finishing what works for you. And it's not gonna be easy. It's not, it's not gonna be a exact science. Yeah, I'm sorry to say that, but it's true. It might take a year before. You could really see opponent on what that is. Uh, to really get a maximum result of where you need to be going going forward.

[00:28:02] spk_0: Mm not bad of I have had two quick questions if I can, uh, one is and I'm so grateful that you said that and your spelling a bunch of myths about, you know, to be truly productive, you have to follow this cookie cutter format and that's a great myth to bust right there. But one of the things I was also thinking is um how do you work on the, the discipline to stay focused on the one thing and not just go on the entrepreneur, you know, just chase constantly chasing with the next great idea. So that's 15 and then the second one was truly um, when you're ready to go the next level, how do you know when it's time to, to start releasing the reins and start getting help, start getting people in to help support you. So I know those are two different questions. It's just stuck in my mind. So I'll let you kind of Yeah, well

[00:29:00] spk_1: the first part, again, it comes to optimization and you have to find uh your your, you replace what I call the perfect trajectory. Mhm. Of where of where I talk about this in the book that I'm watching very soon this week. Um I called chain called Change for good uh blood blood there. But

[00:29:25] spk_0: absolutely

[00:29:26] spk_1: it talks about, you know, a bull's eye. You see uh archer, they'll have you see him holding holding strong with that. But that's what the arrow bow and arrow just get to the right place. So that acceleration goes right and you wanted always to go into the bull's eye, right? So the same thing happens when you're down to do, when you sit down to do your task every single day, whether be content, um whether it be your prospecting, what happened, you you have this this this time that you need to do, where is that going to be at? Is it gonna be, where can you get the most focused? Do you need to turn everything off? Do you need music to note for you to focus? Do you need to be in, you know, outside of your house? Can you do it? Is it better for you to be, you know, in a closed environment? You need to find out what that is from there. That is you have the most the place where you have the best concentration, the best focus so that once you're there, you have the optimal level of, of, of, of doing it in the most, the most optimized way where you're three hours straight, I'm going to be on the street. Boom, I'm gonna knock this out, knock this out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can't even feel it. Didn't feel it, it's just that you're in a flow. See a lot of people don't do, don't get there. Yeah. A lot of people just get like, it's gonna take a long time. We're just gonna let me do some youtube, you know, interrupt the flow, they're in the wrong places, they're, they're looking at music, they're looking at their phones, you know, it doesn't work. So you have to be in a place where you're optimizing that work is so important because when you get there and you're like, oh, I can do this officially. I know and you track it to a point where you know exactly how much, how long is it gonna take for me to do my to do this, that and this that and this task, you might not know the first time. But you know, like, okay, it took me 25 minutes to do this part. This this mode, this, you know, this particular task, I know next time how much it's going to take and maybe I can make it make us make it, you know, 20 minutes next time impossible. But you know, and you're tracking things so you optimize them that time and you're working, you're more confident now because you actually know what it takes to get these things done.

[00:31:53] spk_0: Yeah. And you don't allow yourself to describe the distractions to truly start eating up your day, eating up your time. And all of a sudden you're looking around and there's a closing time at wherever you're doing your work and you're like, hold on, what

[00:32:06] spk_1: happened? Right, right?

[00:32:08] spk_0: And when do you know when to get health was about that side too, when, you know, to to to release the reins and and just say, all right, I'm gonna get an assistant for this thing or I'm gonna have, you know, how do we balance that part?

[00:32:21] spk_1: I uh this part is when you're making a certain amount of revenue first because you can make a mistake and not do this right? Because you can I mean if you have, you have, you already have a full time job, you can actually already working, hiring somebody great. If you can, if you have that that point across where you can have somebody, you can do that, you already have your systems in place. Sheldon, you shouldn't have to be in place first before you even do anything like that. You don't want to be like, okay, trying to find somebody within which we're trying to we're trying to work through a month of trying to figure out your own process. You know, you have to Be optimized already, you already know what it's going to take. You should have this person, Okay, this is what I do. It should only take 25 minutes to do, you know, you know, having having, you know, have videos in place, have it written morning. Oh, yes, exactly. Have all of that and and have the revenue uh in place to take care of that. So it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not a risky thing. It's a necessary thing now that you have the revenue and you have the systems in place to do that. Everyone will tell you the same thing. This is when you're trying to get helping your scaling. If you are doing it any other way. Yeah. I think it's probably wrong. The only the only other thing I was I would I would say that a couple of my guests have said. And and I agree. In theory. In theory if you're if you're if you again if you have if you have a system already and you want to get some more people who feel like maybe get more client get more clients to you appointment setting or a salesperson that you're saying hey this is this is a word for me already, this is work for me. Can you can you do this? But I think really you have to have a proof of concept already, you know a proof of concept already before you start doing doing any kind of help outsourcing or virtual assistants, that kind of thing. Because otherwise you're gonna end up losing money doing that. Yeah doesn't mind because you have to. Mhm. Have it, will you have your niche already have everything going you have here your your system you have your you know what you're kind of so surely what you want to teach or consult whatever be a consultant with things you have in place already before you do

[00:35:09] spk_0: that. So don't don't go into the business but yeah and uh and then all of a sudden by a month to you got yourself a nice office. She got a secretary a about you already live in the lap of

[00:35:25] spk_1: luxury. No, no bad idea.

[00:35:28] spk_0: A that's a good idea to go broke. Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly. We'll tell everybody about your book and and and how to how do you know how to reach you because you truly want to make sure that they can reach back out to you too?

[00:35:43] spk_1: Great, thank you. So the book is called changed for Good and it's talking about how to change things in your life when you thought you never could. You know, we go to several methodologies in their book, how to do it. It really just really goes back to really optimizing your work and getting into what I call it, the obligated mindset. But yeah, it's called changed for Good and I talked about getting into a obligated mindset and really changing what you what you believe that you can do really be honest and it's I think it's a game changer for a lot of people are getting a lot of good reviews, getting a lot of good feedback. A lot of big readers, I've been reading it and getting a lot out of it and really applying it already to their to their lives. So yeah, that should be out this week.

[00:36:48] spk_0: How do we get it?

[00:36:50] spk_1: Amazon right now can be an amazon this week amazon

[00:36:54] spk_0: and they've got to make sure it's brian s arnold to. Yes. Yes. Yes.

[00:36:58] spk_1: Yes, absolutely.

[00:37:00] spk_0: And brian, B r y A n yes, I got to make sure we point up to the right direction.

[00:37:07] spk_1: Exactly exactly. So there and you can go to, it's gonna be, it's gonna you can go to brian coach if you want to learn more about you know what I teach and so forth and and again this is all fluid fluid Sheldon because everything right now, but go to obligated mindset dot com will get you to my my new facebook group where we're simply just doing were there like 2.5 times a week. So I'm gonna take up a lot of time at all. Well I'm there on monday, I'm there on friday and maybe a little bit on Wednesday. So you don't get to, you know worry about being obligated to me every day. So we're talking about, you know, our goals were gonna daily task what we're gonna do on monday, we'll wrap it up monday, get to finish line friday, see how you did on your results and we work, I do a training, do trainings every week about how to get that done and that's that's gonna be expanding this this year um immensely. So that's my that's what I really want to teach people how to really believe by optimizing

[00:38:21] spk_2: network. Welcome

[00:38:28] spk_0: back. Also a great interview that we had. I really enjoyed just hearing brian's perspective again, we want to remember rap when you want to see what success looks like you're gonna write it down, you read about it and do your research and then take some action, apply what you learn and then you're going to promote and position yourself right? So those are some of the things you want to do, get yourself ready. Mhm. So one thing that I can know that you could help you with your research is going to be the safety consultant tv. So this is something that I've poured many many hours video hours in and you've got some interviews. You can actually see the interview of the test the weekend before the actual interview and you guys get the majority of the interview unless there's something you know like messes up and we've got to make edits or something. So you guys are going to get that safety consultant tv you'll get that episode the weekend before it comes out. So go ahead and sign up. So again safety consultant dot tv when you get there choose for whatever plan you want monthly or annual and put in the code sc one oh one sc one oh one. You know what they'll do is they're gonna give you one month for free and then do some research. We've got a whole bunch of playlists on there that you could start really understanding what it takes to be a safety consultant and then also we've got some information in there that I've done on just OSHA compliance issues and not only that but on the web version because you can watch this anywhere You can actually learn all your devices including sitting back and hitting your Roku and watching that or your amazon fire stick. But when you're online, get templates of what we talked about. So now you can have the templates to actually see and visually how you will work your safety and health program for your client. So that is going to help you with your research. Just go to safety consultant dot tv and you're gonna put in code sc one a one for one a month. Free Dr J Allen and myself were doing an event together called the evolving paradigm. The safety compliance and organizational culture, october 27th. And this will be from 1230 until 330 Eastern Standard time that one day and this will be an event where I will teach you guys to future of OSHA followed by Dr J Alan. He's not that dr j That'd be great. Right. I thought to J Allen, he's gonna go ahead after me and he's going to talk to you about safety culture. What is it good for? What is that safety culture get for? And like the song goes absolutely nothing. Right. That's usually what you hear. So he has a method to his madness. Why don't we call safety culture to safety culture and call it a nerve enough. You find that answer and it's going to be October 27. Online only. You need to register at events dot Sheldon primates dot com Events dot Sheldon primers dot com. Well, you guys have a wonderful week. Thank you so much for this great time we have together and we have to learn a lot from rightness. Arnold. Go get his book out there, Change for good. Should be out on amazon this

[00:42:06] spk_2: week. You

[00:42:09] spk_0: guys got this

[00:42:09] spk_2: man

[00:42:11] spk_0: anyway, because I'm gonna tell you right now, go get

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